Sunday, April 19, 2009

One Year Blogaversary

One Year Ago TODAY I started my blog

Free Smileys

12 Months

160 posts

My how time flies.

I am sorry to not have any fanfare.
Free Smileys

No prizes
Free Smileys

No freebies
Free Smileys

No Giveaway
Free Smileys

No Big Party
Free Smileys

But I could not let the day go by without at least saying:

Happy Blogging Anniversary to ME!

Free Smileys

Have a Great Day


Annette said...

Yea! Good for you! I am approaching my 100th post this week...stay tuned.

Nathan said...

LOL... You just love your smilies, don't you, Mom?

Happy Blogiversery!


Rachel said...

Happy Blogoversary!!!!
A year is such a milestone for a blogger. It really solidifies a stick-to-it-ness that makes you completely "official", in my humble opinion.

Happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary!!!

Rachel and Jessica said...

Hi Mom! I am so proud of you! Great job! I can't believe it's already been a whole year! =:O I love you!


Michele said...

wow, congrats! I am so glad you became a blogger and thankful that you introduced me to the blogger world. Thank you for teaching me the ins and outs. Love you


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