Friday, April 10, 2009

I Was Interviewed

I was interview last month for the blog of a woman who visited my blog, and liked it, and wanted to interview some homeschoolers. She is a writer of children's books and is interested in getting the word out to homeschoolers about her products. I hope you will go to her site and read the in depth interview I wrote about homeschooling and then come back here and tell me what you thought of the interview. I told her I was open to answering more questions if she had any and so are my daughters.

So there may be more interaction in the future...

but for now there is a great interview...

I am ever so humble... lol Free Smileys

to go and read.

She posted it on the 28th of March but I am soooooooooo behind in reading my e-mail that I did not see it until just a few minutes ago... we are on Mini Spring Break and I was using some of the time to catch up on e-mail. Well the link I have below will take you directly to the interview so you can find it ok.

So go read the interview and help me help her accomplish her goals through this interview...

read my interview...

check out her books and site...

and if you want to, spread the word on your blogs about my interview... that would be a blessing to me and to her.

well there is the link... click it to get to the interview and don't forget to come back and tell me what you thought... I love comments.


P.S. - NOTE: Although I am happy with how the interview answers came out I was not happy with the layout. I sent the information to her in an e-mail and it did not transfer to her blog like I had it laid out in the e-mail. This coming week I am planning on putting the whole thing here on my blog. So watch for that if you want.


Sheri said...

Hey Debs, I am so excited that you want to give it a go with the TOS crew thing-I would love it if you made the crew and I could request having you as one of my 4-ooooh, I do so hope you make it! That would be so cool. I did read the interview Shari gave you. Lovely! I was so happy to see someone I recognized! It was well thought out and to the point. Loved it. Blessings and be sure to get your reviews in soon cuz it only goes til the end of the month. Praying for ya!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to wish you a Weekend of Easter Blessings!

Annette said...

I read the interview! It really shows all you have to do.

With little children I think the $22 investment for the laminator is well worth it, but if they were teens, I'm not sure it would be as needed. I do not plan to truly homeschool, but I know I will always teach them, too.

Happy Easter!

Sheri said...

Yah, that is fine-some use thumbs up/down, others stars, etc. HTH ya out. Best wishes

Jodi said...

Great interview Debbie! The interview question that got my most attention was the cost of homeschooling (of course, lol!) and I will be blogging about that sometime this week. I am finally getting my taxes done tomorrow - yikes! I see what you mean about the layout though. Can't wait to see your proper layout.


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