Monday, April 13, 2009

Abundant Life

Please take a moment this morning to read this post on Laced with Grace. It was today's devotional thought there. I follow their site and find much encouragement there. It has conveys my feelings this morning.

God's Grace touched me Saturday as my husband and I watched The Passion of the Christ on dvd and then again on Sunday as I fellowshiped with my friend Michele (Hi Michele, love you darling) over Easter brunch at church (we all bring something and fellowship during Sunday School time), sang songs of praise and worship, and listened to my Pastor preach. Christ cares about all my troubles and has given so much for me. I want to serve Him and my family better and stop living in hopelessness concerning our continuing financial difficulties. God will deliver if and when he wants and until then I will continue to trust Him and his will for us... He knows what will happen this afternoon and tomorrow and for all my tomorrows and I can trust Him to do what is best for me and for my family. I will just serve him the best I can and keep on keeping on.

here is the link again

please go and read it,

Linda conveyed my feelings this morning exactly,

Oooh, Oooooohhh,
please add the reading of this also, from Heart of the Matter, if you don't follow them. It is on going from Worry to Worship... it is great!!


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