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Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing Your Balance

This e-book is a wonderful resource from The Old Schoolhouse Store. It is an e-book about wonderful Moms and how they each balance all the Wife, Mom and Homeschooling things with the added pressure of an At Home Business!

The e-book is broken into sections, grouping different types of businesses together. These sections include
  • a group of stories about mom's in business that they started from hobbies or off shoots of existing extended family businesses
  • computer based business
  • writing based businesses
  • businesses that support other businesses
The last few sections are for extras:
  • Doing finances for home business (very helpful)
  • Organization (of home, homeschool, and work; priorities, scheduling, and decluttering; much needed)
  • then an epilogue to start winding things up
  • A Final Word by the Senior Advertising Services for TOS Magazine
  • the last topic is a very helpful appendix with other helpful Internet resources that can be used in building a business. These are also listed by the type of business, the kinds talked about in the e-book, and a few general resources at the end.
This is a wonderful book especially for those considering or just starting home business. The variety of stories from homeschool business mom's from across the country give you all kinds of helpful hints and information. In each story the mom tells about her business, how it got started and how she juggles home, homeschooling, and work. There are so many tips throughout the e-book with the bonus sections at the end specifically about organizing it all.

The appendix contains a wealth of information with places to find more help for each particular type of business highlighted by the moms and then a section of general business sites. Each of the sites in the appendix have untold resources of their own... so much to read and mull over and think about. Click on one site and read and that may take you to a list of resources or articles and that can lead to another site and another... oooohhhhh so much information on the net.

There is a way to reach each business and/or individual through the Internet. If you were interested in starting a business, similar to one that is discussed in the e-book, there are ways to find out more information through the businesses website if they have one or through e-mail. That is so nice of them! They are already running businesses now they are wiling to be contacted with questions from readers.

Don't forget since it is an e-book it is easy to download from the TOS store and you could be reading their stories minutes from now.

Out of five stars I give this

At $12.45 this 95 page e-book is a good bargain and a great resource to have especially if you are homeschooling and have a dream to have a home business. So I give it my good value icon:

Buy this e-book here for only $12.45:

HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing Your Balance

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