Saturday, April 18, 2009

Homeschool Weekly - Week Ending 04-17-09

This was a good week for school. We got a lot accomplished.

We covered from lesson 60 - 66 in
Mystery of History Vol. 2 Early Church-Middle Age
and that covered these subjects

  • The Jews of the Middle Ages
  • Richard the Lionhearted, Saladin, and the Third Crusade
  • The Classic Tale of Robin Hood
  • The Shoguns of Japan
  • St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clara, and St. Dominic
  • The Children's Crusade
  • King John and the Magna Carta
We also read about some of those subjects in:
Famous Men of the Middle Ages

Story of the Middle Ages
100 Most Important Events in Christian History
and a new book I got for free at our homeschool support group meeting on Tuesday
The Story of Liberty we did chapter 1 on the Magna Carta

In Choosing Your Way Through the World’s Medieval Past we did the following chapters: Robin Hood, Life of Service (about being a monk) Sunday in London (on vacation in Medieval London), and one about being a Samurai (note to Michele: this is the book we were talking about on Tuesday night. Just click the title of the book and the link will take you to the book at Rainbow Resource.)

In Medieval Messenger we read about
  • articles about King John
  • articles about surgery and doctors in the Middle Ages
  • complaints about paved streets
  • an advertisement for kooky safety visors (LOL, this was really funny)
  • building houses on London Bridge
  • carvings on churches
  • an advertisement for construction of Gothic Cathedrals
  • article about heraldry
  • etiquette in the Middle Ages (LOL, this was really funny)

In Everyday Life: Middle Ages we read and did some pages from chapters 7 and 8

They also:
  • put Timeline Figures in their Timeline. We have the cd of all of timeline figures, great resource, the boys love it. I print the ones with the text so they do not have to write. We do enough writing with our copywork and lapbooks so this makes the timeline enjoyable and not a torture.
  • Did the following mini books for our Middle Ages lapbook: Interesting Facts About Kings- Richard the Lionhearted, Islam (should have done way long ago... somehow got missed) and Magna Carta
For Science:
We did Five Kids and a MonkeyInvestigate a Vicious Virus. We read the book on Monday and did the activities in the Unit Study booklet on Tues. - Friday. I did an Amazon search and found the link to the book above but they said the set with the unit study book is not available anymore... that's too bad, it is great fun!

For Art this week I put up three new prints by Caspar David Friedrich of fields at different times of the day, thus showing different lighting.

For Music we watched Listz's Rapsody on video tape. We borrowed it from the Library but Rainbow Resource has Liszt’s Rhapsody VHS and Liszt’s Rhapsody DVD if you want to see them.

Nathan Teaching Textbooks Geometry
Christopher Saxon 76

Language Arts

Copywork - whatever they want
Nathan - Easy Grammar Plus
Christopher -
Daily Grams Grade 6

That was our week. We are doubling up on History and skipping Historical Fiction trying to ge the Middle Ages finished by the time school is done.

By The Way... what a confusing mess my brain was in this week. First I thought we had 3 weeks left after this week, then I thought it was two now it is back to 3. I made an error in calculating the days of school we had done, in the school log I keep. I had one number for Nathan and another for Christopher. I keep a running log of days on the bottom of each page. SO.... total confusion and a mess in my brain. It is finally straightened out and our last day of school will be May 8th... I think... LOL

Have a good weekend,
We are off to Winterthur again,
Enjoying the Spring weather,


Annette said...

I bet your love of history comes through to the sounds like you do a lot of interesting topics from varied resources!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your upcoming last day of school for the year! We will be schooling through a lot of the summer unfortunately, but at least I'm holding a healthy baby after being so sick. Thank you for sharing your week and I will add your link on the linky. I was late posting it because I had to leave town unexpectedly.


Carol said...

What a fun week with history. You seem to use a lot of books I'm not familiar with. Where do you find them? I hope your week this week goes so well. I think we have about 5 weeks left.



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