Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Dear Daughter Jessica

You went from this Very Little Bundle of Joy

Born this day in 1989
4 pd 11 oz
19 inches long

To this beautiful young girl
Spring 1992Age 3

Up To Something!

To this Accomplished, Beautiful Young Lady

Free Smileys Jessica

We Love You

check out her blogs at
if you want

Now we are off to celebrate
Free Smileys



Sheri said...

Happy Bday to Jessica-she was born on my One Year Wedding Anniversary-how sweet! Blessings for a lovely year ahead to her and to you as well.

Annette said...

Wow! What beauty inside and out!

Happy birthday!

Chasity said...

Sweet pics!!!
First of all Debbie, I Love you!!!!! I feel you girl!! I am in a funk too. I have decided to take off till Monday. No watching what I eat or worrying about it if I do not eat right. I have not been exercising either, but I feel guilty about it daily, so only adds to the funk. I am not going to feel guilty this weekend. Then I really hope I am refreshed by Monday, so I can climb back into this full force. You join us whenever you can and do not worry about it. It is a hard process and when you re ready I am here for you. HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be blessed,

Michele said...

Oh, Deb i miss you too something awful. I feel like it's been forever since we have been able to talk and reconnect. I am sorry that you have been feeling down lately. I know how that feels. I also know that you are loved-by many and especially by our Father. You are such a great encourager, try to tell yourself the same thing you would tell me if i felt down and out. And then believe it for yourself. I will see you in church tomorrow and am looking foward to chatting over breakfast. I love you


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