Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Comparing Lapbook Providers

Someone on one of my lapbook yahoo groups asked this question and I thought my answer would make a good post so here it is.

Basic Question:
I am wondering about Live and Learn Press and Knowledge Box Central. I have only used HOAC so far, and would like others opinions on the rest that are out there. Are they good have you enjoyed working with them?

Note: HOAC is Hands of a Child

My answer:
I have used all three.

I have to say though I have and use all three...

I like HOAC the best.

Live and Learn has 5 or 6 freebies you can get if you join their lapbook yahoo group. The freebies are all lapbooks about holidays. You can check out their product that way and always cancel your Live and Learn Yahoo group membership later if you want to. They have color elements in their lapbooks. I have not purchased a Live and Learn Lapbook, yet, though I may in the future. Their lapbooks are great. There freebies are excellent and we made the Father's Day lapbook last year for my husband for Father's Day and he loved it.
go here to join

I have a few Knowledge Box Central lapbooks too. I bought Middle Ages and Renaissance/Reformation I also have a few freebies I got from CurrClick.They seem similar in content to HOAC but their graphics are a little less professional or appealing to me. They do sometimes have inferior lapbook elements but not often. I just replaced an element this morning that was in one of the free lapbooks we got. It was terrible looking. Most of the elements are fine though. We did the rest of that lapbook as is. The ones I paid for I have used as is and they have been fine. Maybe the free one I got was an older one.. I am not sure. The change I made today on one lapbook element is the only problem I have had. We own and have used a number of the Knowledge Box Central Lapbooks and will in the future also.

Knowledge Box Central has freebies you can download here

Also, watch for free complete lapbooks from CurrClick, they have them from Knowledge Box Central once in a while. There are also two freebies on Currclick right now and I will put the link below. The freebies are samples not compete lapbooks, but they along with the freebies from Knowledge box central above should give you an idea of the quality of their lapbooks.

Apologia Physical Science 1st Edition Lapbook Journal Free Module 1

Apologia General Science 1st Edition Lapbook Journal Free Sample

If you want to check out HOAC they have a semi-annual freebie you can get here.

I am a HOAC Super Member and I love their stuff. My membership is running out and I hope to be able to renew it. The membership I had for this past year was a gift from an online friend that I have never met. She is such a sweetie. With the Super Membership you get at least one free lapbook a month. At present time there are 5 free lapbooks in the Super Member site. That pays for your membership right there, since they average about $15 a lapbook. It has been great. They also give other discounts and freebies to Super Members. Just go to the main site and then click HOAC Super Membership in the sidebar to the right.

In the Hands Of A Child Website

HOAC and Knowledge Box Central have all black and white mini books. I print the mini books on colored printer paper (pastel colors because then it is not to dark to write on). That saves on colored ink. Live and Learn has much more color in their graphics but then you use color ink so that may be a factor too. Though I guess you could print the color of Live and Learn as greyscale if you wanted.

I hope this helps someone out. If you have questions about this post or lapbooks in general just ask,


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Jimmie said...

This is a nice review. I prefer DIY, but I'd agree that of the kits, HOAC are the best. :-)


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