Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Life. In Pictures.-- Day 4

I had a hard time deciding what to do for today's challenge:
something you do every day

I finally decided to do a picture of my computer desk. This sits in one of the corners of our bedroom. I use my computer EVERY day. Searching for homeschool stuff, looking for answers to questions we have, reading my numerous e-mails, emailing others, reading my yahoo group e-mails, occasionally playing a computer game, doing projects like logging all our books into a database, making homeschool forms for our school, writing History and Science Unit Studies that I hope to sell on a website someday soon, and of course blogging!!

I do not do all these things each day of course or I would never clean, or homeschool, or sleep! But, I do each of them at least a few times a month, except blogging I do almost every day and reading my e-mail I do almost every day.

My computer is in the center of the picture with the Winnie the Pooh wallpaper. To the right and left are many homeschool and personal books (like my devotions and Bible for instance) Above my desk is a calender and a couple of stuffed animals, to the right and down next to the chair in the photo is my printer... I love my printer... it is a HP Color Laser Jet 1600.

So this is my busy, much used, computer desk area.

Join me and the other ladies in the My Life. In Pictures. Photo Challenge tomorrow is the last day... the challenge: a picture of Something Old.

Sorry this post is so late. We had internet problems today and I had (or should I say have, since it is still with me) a sinus headache all day. I woke up with it and I am going to bed with it. I took medicine and it didn't touch it.

Well, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day,


Kathryn said...

Thanks for sharing. Hope you feel better soon.

Amber, That's Me! said...

Glad you made it tonight. Sorry you are not feeling well. I am looking forward to getting more time after this challenge to reading your blog each day.

I'm jealous of your laser printer!!!

KCShipe said...

Love the background on your computer :)
Hope you feel better soon!

Annette said...

Your desk looks like ours! But yours is more organized! I've enjoyed your life in pictures!

I'm glad your part of our Lies study! :)


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