Thursday, April 23, 2009

TOS Review Crew - Don't Rush God!

This Wee-book is a super little resource. This short article is about butterflies, as the picture above shows, and it is a narrative of a true story that happened to one family and the lessons they learned from it.

Donna Rees and her family made some mistakes when trying to watch and release a butterfly they had found as a caterpillar and was metamorphosing in their kitchen. I won't tell you what happened but it is a cute little story. The lesson they learned, as it says in the title, was that you can't rush God. Things have to be taken in turn and God has a plan for everything he does, in our lives and in the lives of the rest of His creation.

There are two neat thing about this article. The first is that it has discussion questions you can use with your kids. This e-book would be a terrific addition to a unit on butterflies and could then expand to show our transformation as Christians and how we need to trust God and not rush things. There is scripture included too and some of the scripture is included as the other bonus with this e-book, it has copywork with it. This makes it an even more interesting addition to a butterfly unit or even for a topical Bible study.

Out of Five Stars I give this product

Don't forget since this is a Wee-book you can easily download this for only $1.95 and then be reading it to you kids and using the questions and copywork tomorrow... or next week... or save it for later.

Because of the great price of these e-books I give it my good value icon:

Click on this link to order Don't Rush God!
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Well, I hope you enjoyed this review and will check out the whole line of Wee-books that TOS Schoolhouse Store has to offer. They are certainly a bargain.


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