Thursday, February 3, 2011

Read-Aloud Thursday

One of our History Read-Alouds this week was Pilgrim Neighbors: More True Pilgrim Stories  by Elvajean Hall
This is a good book. I had my hubby order it from amazon because we were enjoying reading Pilgrim Stories: From Margaret Pumphrey's Pilgrim Stories as individual silent reading. Pilgrim Stores was edited by Elvajean Hall. I thought More True Pilgrim Stories would be just as good. I thought the stories were pretty good. There are a lot of good stories in there that I had not heard elsewhere. This is appropriate for grades 3 and up I would say, younger if you have multiple children.

Our Historical Fiction this week was Won by the Sword: A Story of the Thirty Years' War by G.A. Henty. We love G.A. Henty! Great history, great heroes, wonderful action, and keeps your attention. The kind of books  you want your boys to read. Good moral stories with godly characters who have hard times during important events in world history (mostly British history). I would not suggest reading this book to young children, I would think it would be appropriate for children age 11 or 12 and up... especially boys!!! We have another couple weeks reading Won by the Sword, so far it is a great story... but we have never met a Henty we haven't liked.

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Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Both these titles are new to me, although we do have the Pumphrey pilgrim title. We were going to read it at Thanksgiving but ran out of time. I downloaded Cat of Bubastes from Librivox but it was a little dense for us yet. I think you're right about the age level for Henty.

I'm so glad you linked up to Read Aloid Thursday!! I'll add you to the links list ASAP.


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