Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Good 2 Days

Well, I have had a good 2 days. Thursday hubby decided that since he has things to do on Mon-Wed. that we would celebrate Valentines Day early. So the boys were told they only had to do Math, Writing and Grammar on Friday, with their normal books, and then they could do History, Bible and Science as games. Hubby and I spent the morning doing some necessary things and then we set off.

We chatted as we drove just after lunchtime on Friday and hubby had not really made a final decision about where to eat, or whether to see a movie first or eat first. After chatting a while we decided to head for one of our favorite spots... Shady Maple Smorgasbord and eat first. We both enjoyed the 1 hour drive and time to ourselves to just chat and look at the lovely countryside. We enjoyed our lunch and I ate too much, as usual, but really enjoyed our time and the delicious all you can eat, serve yourself smorgasbord.

After lunch we went downstairs to the gift shop and looked around a little. Then I remembered that one of our favorite stores, BB's, put an outlet not to far from Shady Maple that we had never been to, so we decided to go check it out. We did find a few things that I wanted to buy but we decided we really like the one in Quarryville, PA, better.

On the way home we stopped at a Super Walmart to look around and then we stopped at the Blockbuster near home to look for some movies for us to watch. We had planned to go to the theater but decided against it for the weekend... we may still go sometime next week... or we may end up not going. Anyway, we got three movies to watch over the weekend. 2 chick flicks and one action movie. I know someone will ask what movies we got so I will tell you, but you must look up some reviews and make up your own mind about whether you would like them or not. I will post links to Focus on the Family's Plugged in movie reviews where I feel you get the whole truth about movies. You are free to click the links or go to your favorite movie site for reviews.

We watched one of the movies last night.

First we got Letters to Juliet, second Leap Year, and third Salt. You be the judge. I have nothing else to say on this matter.

Today hubby decided we would all, the whole family, head for an Amish store we like. I am not sure what town it is in. It is in PA about 45 minutes from our house... more or less. We love the things they have there... some that you can't find anywhere closer to us. I got some kitchen towels, a new whisk, some knee socks, two large stainless steel bowls, and some stickers. Dh got a stainless steal percolator that he had been wanting since he saw it a while back, when we were at this store. Dd Rachel and Jessica love the fabric the store has and especially the sale/remnant stuff on the second floor. Rachel got some flannel for a nightgown and some squares for a quilt. Christopher got some candy, which he shared with his siblings, and another pocket knife. Nathan got something but I don't remember what. Jessica bought nothing... she is saving her money. We thoroughly enjoyed looking around.

We stopped for lunch on the way home and I got some things that are definitely not on my diet. I might be sorry later but we had a good day. After that we came home and watched our other 2 movies while the kids did various things around the house.

Hubby is not sleeping and tomorrow is church. I should be in bed too but I wanted to blog about this and I promised myself I would blog every day in Feb. and so far I have not missed. I did not want to miss today.

See you all tomorrow morning for a Spirit Filled Sunday post. I have not picked a song yet so I may be posting it late in the am, just before church... not that anyone cares but me. I like to post them though... it keeps my mind on spiritual things and sometimes the song I choose, sticks in my head and I sing it all through the week.

What a refreshing 2 days I have had. Tomorrow will be filled with Church and planning school for next week and Growth Group... then the week starts. But, I will treasure these 2 days I have spent with my family.

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Michele said...

Deb, i am sooo glad that you had such a good weekend! We may not be in church tomorrow cause steve has worked many many hours all week and may want to rest for a whole day. I'm not sure though, he said he would wake me if he wants to go tomorrow. So, if i don't see you tomorrow, do you want to get together this thursday?
Love you

Christi said...

I never want to give my opinions of movies either. You never know what someone else finds offensive and what they'll comment on. Sounds like you had a fun 'Valentine's Day.' I get to have mine tomorrow afternoon.


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