Monday, February 28, 2011

Blast From The Past ~ Hospital Field Trip 1995

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This week I am posting another field trip my children went on.
The field trip as state above was to a hospital in our area... a small hospital.
They gave the children a great field trip seeing a lot of areas in the hospital.

I am sad to say I do not see my other daughter Jessica in any of the pictures.
I don't know how that happened.
My daughter Rachel is the girl below (and in subsequent pictures) in the purple turtleneck. 

Looking at an x-ray

Checking out the x-ray machine

In the children's ward

In the kitchen the kids got these hats... they loved them.
I am not sure... but I think... the girl in the white shirt with her back to us... behind Rachel...
that may be Jessica... the size and hair color is correct.

Nathan loved his hat, too!!!
He is about 7 mos. old.


It was a great field trip!!

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1 comment:

The Unsell Family said...

What a fun field trip, Debbie! Very educational.


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