Saturday, February 19, 2011

Decorating My Food Diary

I want to start keeping better track of what I am eating. So I decided to cover a composition notebook so that my diary would be pretty. That is the project I worked on today. Here are pictures of the steps I took to cover the notebook.

I used a regular composition notebook, some wallpaper samples (from some sample books my sister gave me) and glue.

I picked the pattern I wanted to go on the back

 it also wraps around to the front

it folds over and is glued down to the inside of the book making neat corners

I then use another piece to cover the wallpaper that is wrapped in from the outside

close up of one corner

 I chose this pattern for the front of the diary...
so spring like and cute

Then I added a butterfly that I cut from a separate piece of wallpaper, it is a sample of a border that coordinates with the wallpaper. 
I also used a permanent marker to write on the cover. My other markers will not write on the wallpaper, it just smears.

So that is my new food diary. Now to write down everything I eat and calculate and write down the WW points too. Hopefully I can loose more weight now or at least know why I am not loosing if I keep track of my food intake and I am honest with myself.

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Annette W. said...

I also like to use cheap notebooks and personalize them. I use Mod Podge though...hadn't tried glue sticks.

I just noticed your final weight goal...that is really low! I know you aren't really tall, but I'm pretty sure your a couple inches taller than me. I just got down to 130 (more than 2 years since Evan's birth). I'm content at there, though it's still on the medium-high end for my height according to the BMI.

I hope your steady weight loss continues to encourage you, even if it's not always where you want it to be.

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Thank you for the encouragement of how to make the journal look pretty and personalized, and also to take joy in writing it down. I have kept food journals in the past, and I'm not sure why I don't know. I say it is a time thing, but I know it is an accountability thing. Thanks for the encouragement to start.

Michele said...

Great idea Debbie! I decorate my journals too and like Annette I use Mod Podge. Your food diary is so pretty!

Briana said...

How cute! What a great way to pamper yourself while you are taking care of you health!


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