Monday, February 21, 2011

Blast From The Past - Pizza Hut Field Trip 1995

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Last week Jennifer Unsell  joined me in the Blast From The Past and her post reminded me of some photos I have of field trips when my kids were younger so...

this week I am sharing a field trip to Pizza Hut from 1995

Before the kids made their own pizzas they were given a tour of the Pizza Hut, the kids especially liked the big mixer which I thought I had a picture of... but couldn't find it... maybe that was a different trip to Pizza Hut... I will keep looking for it.

 Here is Rachel making her pizza

You don't usually sit on the counter to make a pizza but that is what Jessica did.
More cheese!! More cheese!
I hope they washed the counters off before they started serving customers later in the day!!! LOL
I am sure they did...
the kids made a mess.

Into the oven

Then they got to help cut their pizza....
and then the best part of the field trip...
eating the pizza.

I hope you will join me today or later this week.
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Do you have any cute photos of your kids, on field trips, when they were little, that you want to share?
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The Unsell Family said...

Loved seeing your Pizza Hut field trip pics, Debbie! Sooo fun! And your daughters hair is so beautiful!

Michele said...

That was a neat trip! Learning to make pizza! Very fun!


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