Monday, February 14, 2011

Goal Planning Monday ~3~

Progress from last weeks goals includes:
  1. worked out 3 times instead of the 4 that was my goal.... I was sick 2 days last week, I could have made it up but didn't get that worked into my weekend schedule, so I hope to do better this week.
  2. I did read Pride and Prejudice but I did not finish it. 
  3. I did not get to scrapbook at all last week. 
  4. I got to bed by 11pm 5 nights and actually got to be by 10pm 3 days. 
  5. I got all my files organized on the computer and got some of them backed up... I just need to finish this up. 
  6. I did blog every day last week so that goal was a complete success. I will not call last week a failure because I made a lot of progress though I was not completely successful.

My goals for this coming week are:
  1. Work on e-books that I want to eventually sell to the public on my own website. Please be in prayer for me about this.
  2. Scrapbook... I am especially excited about this since I bought some new stickers and then my hubby got me some for Valentines Day also.
  3. Exercise 4 days. I exercised today so 3 more to go.
  4. Read Pride and Prejudice and make real progress. I do not have finish it as a goal but I hope to finish soon because I am still trying to do the 100 books challenge and the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge and I am behind.
  5. Add new TOS review items due dates to my calendar and to my TOS spreadsheet so I don't miss any reviews!!!
I have a few other goals to be working on but since we only have to share 5 I will stop there. Some of the other goals I have are longer range than can be finished in a week. If I achieve these goals I will be doing well. I also hope to get to be earlier so I can have the energy to achieve my goals.

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Mama Manuscripts said...

Good for you on exercising even when you'd been sick. I was pretty much out of commission for the better part of last week but I could have exercised on Friday and over the weekend but I didn't.

I think that goal planning for me is all about making progress towards my goals as well. I didn't get everything accomplished last week either but I'm working on it and that's the important part.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

So glad last week was a positive one regarding progress on your goals.

I saw some progress and a few things were a complete fail! But I have put them on this week's list but made the goal more attainable. Apparently I need EASY. :-)

I look forward to hearing about your e-books. I will pray about that this week.

Ring Leader said...

Scrapbooking -- oh! I hope you get some done. I have sorely neglected ours. I don't even know where I left off!!!

Congrats on the excercise !!! I need to start :-)

Hope you have a great week!


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