Monday, February 28, 2011

Goal Planning Monday ~5~

Well, It is time for Goal Planning Monday again. Week 5 already. How did you do this week on your goals? My, My it is also February 28th and tomorrow, being March 1st, I will have to post an update on how I am doing for my yearly goals, too. I tell you. Working on these weekly goals, and my success here, is helping me feel like I can reach my yearly ones!! I just need to keep my yearly goals in mind and in view when I make set my weekly goals.
Do you want to know how I did on my goals from last week
Well I'll tell you anyway!!
I did not get to work on my e-books. Am I blue??? No way! These e-books are going to be a long term project. Some of them will be done before others but I will be working on these for a long time!!!  http://zaazu.comAlso... I did well on all my other goals... so that is great!!! Who could be blue with success in 4 out of 5 goals. I exercised 5 days last week. I got to put that I exercised 6 days on my Fit Mommy Friday post but for these goals I count Monday to Sunday so I exercised Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., and Friday. Sat. I was out with my hubby and mom. I did do some walking in some stores so that was good. Most importantly I lost 4.5 lbs last week!!! WaaaHooo!!!! Skinny Moms, here I come!!!  LOL Thanks to my trip to PA with my hubby and mom and sitting in the hair salon waiting for mom's perm to set I got my reading finished! Watch for my review of Pride and Prejudice later this week. I caught up on my Bible reading also this week... I read two days worth a few days last week and I finished catching up in the car on Sat. morning on the way to PA. Now I want to keep caught up. I finished my blogging every day in Feb. challenge that a friend set up on Facebook. Today was the last day and I posted my Blast From The Past meme and linky this morning and now this post. So that makes for a great week. I hope to have as much success this coming week!

My goals for this week are:
  1. Work on e-books... yeah... again. You may see this one a lot!!!
  2. Exercise at least 4 days... you will see this one a lot too!!
  3. Finish reading Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens by Paul David Tripp
  4. Read Somewhere a Song  by Judith Pella. It is my next "personal reading for fun" fiction book.
  5. Clean up and Organize my bedroom, especially my closet and in front of my closet... I can barely get to my closet... and that means my hubby can't get to it either.
Well, those are my goals for the week. What are you goals??? Do you have the guts to post your goals on your blog and link up and then let us know how you did next week??? Just kidding Sorta! Anyway. Post your goals. Link up. Do your best. If you don't have goals what do you have to reach for??? If you don't have goals the tyranny of the urgent may rule your life. Join Goal Planning Monday @ mamamanuscripts by clicking the button at the top and then have a great week.
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    Anonymous said...

    Hi Debbie! I'm stopping by from Katrina's meme. :)

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who put some fiction reading on their blog as a goal of the week! For a while there, I was starting to think it was a frivolous use of a goal... although I'm glad to have a 'reason' to read for pleasure! (Not that I need a reason b/c I'll do it anyway! LOL)

    I've been on an organizing kick around here as well, I did my bedroom last week and am working on the pantry and my 3 year old boys' bedroom now... should be fun!

    Good luck with your goals this week!

    Mama Manuscripts said...

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for signing up again this week. You are doing really awesome and I am so proud of you!

    I'm also organizing the master bedroom this week. It started with just the one drawer but it is carrying over to the whole room so that is great!

    Have a lovely weekend!


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