Friday, February 4, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday - Feb. 4, 2011

Goals from this past week, updates in pink:
  1. Want to measure my waist and enter it into Wii Fit log and then keep track... at least . Nope didn't do it, need to write it down because ... I forget. I will add this to next week. 
  2. Want to redo my complete test on Sunday or Monday and see if I get a better Wii Fit Age. Same as above. 
  3. Want to do better with drinking my water. I did put the rubber bands on my cup but I still have not gotten up to drinking 8 8-ounce cups in a day. Did better this week.
  4. Work out on Wii Fit at least 4 days. Nope... worked out 3 times.
Goals for next week.
  1. Same as #1 above.
  2. Same as #2 above.
  3. Same as #4 above.
  4. Actually loose weight next week. This week I lost weight and then gained it all back + some today. Hubby says it will be back down tomorrow but I don't know. I was 249.1 last Friday, then went down to 247.1 yesterday, then tonight it was 250.9. 
    I went out to lunch with hubby today. Then had great tasting, but batter dipped, fried chicken tonight for dinner. So bad. Tomorrow night we have Dinners for Eight, a night with 3 other couples from church to have dinner and fellowship at one of the couples houses. I am taking dessert. I am taking Eclair dessert, but hubby and one of the ladies coming to the dinner cannot have gluten so he is making a gluten free version. I on the other hand do NOT want a repeat of today so I am also making Weight Watchers Fat Free Chocolate Cake for me. 3 desserts for 8 people... this is crazy! We are only making 1/2 recipes for the Eclair and I will have the rest of the WW cake to have for a few days and I will wrap some individually and freeze it to have later.

    So that is pretty much a terrible week of not achieving goals and gaining weight! Oh, and that kills my milestone as I am back over 250... hopefully this week I can get back under.

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    SisterTipster said...

    You are doing GREAT and remember our wt fluctuates so easily...if I eat out I am likely to gain a few in nothing but excess fluid from all the salt and chemicals in the kidding! Soo just remember to KEEP GOING girl~we're gonna make it! Hey, would love that cheesecakse recipe...we made some with Splenda a few mos ago~divine...maybe they're share! HAVE A BLESSED WEEK~HUGS!

    Annie Kate said...

    Ups and downs are inevitable. Don't worry about them; just keep on going!

    It's so smart to make a WW cake for yourself! That way you can be part of all the fun and at the same time you will be sticking to your goals! Great idea!

    Annie Kate

    Briana said...

    Ah. Well, you almost made the exercise goal so that is great! Good job planning ahead with a dessert you can have!

    Rodna said...

    I'm with ya. I am trying to lose 70 pounds right now. That will put me at 160. I am sure I would like to be below that, but that is my goal right now.


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