Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beautiful Blogger Award

I found this in my drafts when I was looking at what I have yet to do. It is a couple months old but I wanted to get this posted. I was given this lovely award by my friend Laura at Day by Day in Our World. I met Laura through the Internet and then met her in person when she was moved to Maryland. She was a fellow homeschooler and TOS Crew member too. She has 4 boys from 8th grade to rug rat. We were in the same homeschool support group for a while. She is now living in the Faaaaar north, Alaska. She has had moose in her back yard and it is light most of the time there now. I don't know how they get any sleep... I guess they will catch up in the winter when it is dark most of the time and there are only a few hours of daylight.

As a recipient of the Beautiful Blogger award, one must:
1) Add a link and note of thanks to the person giving the award
2) Pass the award on to the bloggers whose blogs you love (15 tops)
3) Share 7 things about yourself

1) I love the old version of Battlestar Galactica. When I was in college it was on t.v. My roommate and I would reserve the television in order to watch it. We had one t.v. per floor in our dorm, that was 48 girls. We could reserve the t.v for favorite programs on a first come first served basis. We looked forward to every week. My hubby bought me the whole series on DVD when it came out and I watch it at least once a year. My boys like it too and I only have to skip a couple of scenes when watching it with them. I hate, and did not follow, the new version. Don't like the Starbuck character being a girls and it has a lot more romancy stuff in it, too. Don't even know how long it was on or if it still is.

2) I also love Star Wars. The original 4, 5, and 6 more than 1, 2, and 3. Yoda is my favorite character. I have original bubble gum cards that I collected in High School and some other collectibles that I previously showed on my blog. I do not have the complete set but I love what I do have. I have them in a cool Star Wars Binder with a zipper and card holder pages inside.

3) I don't like shellfish. I don't eat shrimp, lobster, crab, etc. Yuck! I do eat fish on occasion but that is not a favorite either.

4) I love to play computer games. I have a lot of favorites and play a bunch of games from Most Fun because you can download them for free and play for free with only occasional ad's coming up. (some of the ads recently have disturbed me and you have to turn off the volume for them. Some of them you can actually pause the ad and not watch it and that is nice for the more nasty commercials. The ad's time passes and the game comes back on. I mostly play the ones in the action, puzzle and strategy sections. I usually play a little each day. Probably too much time wasted doing it. It is one of my stress releases and pleasures.

5)I am cooped up in this house to much. I have been inside this house since last Sunday and have not stepped foot outside until this morning. I went out to take a picture of the rose that is blooming in my front yard and then came back in. Probably the reason for the playing of to many computer games.

6) I love making spreadsheets to organize our homeschool and make it work for us rather than use pages from a planner that fit other people. I like adding in the names of the books we use on a regular basis and then I only have to write the pages in as we do them each day. Makes keeping track of school so much easier than writing stuff in each day. I do use some of the TOS planner pages, too. I especially like the Curriculum Key Chart because that allows me to use abbreviations as well and keep track of them easily.

7) I trained my girls to cook and now they are helping their brothers learn to cook. I took all of last year off from cooking completely. My daughter Rachel took over my cooking jobs. Now I am back to cooking, but only one day a week. This is what training your children can bring you. Free Smiley Courtesy of

We reworked the schedule this year and now we each cook one day (except Rachel and my hubby - Rachel wanted more than one day and hubby does not get a day. We each are a cooks helper one day, also.

Here is our schedule: Main Cook (also chooses the menu)/Helper
Sunday - Rachel/Mom (usually something pre-made or in the crockpot so we can relax when we get home from church and not have to wait a long time for dinner)
Monday - Rachel/Jessica
Tuesday - Christopher (14yrs old)/ Rachel  (he is in training)
Wednesday - Jessica/Nate
Thursday - Mom/Christopher
Friday - Nathan/Dad
Saturday - Rachel

Anyone who reads my blog and does not have this award yet is welcome to take it and share 7 things about yourself. Leave me a comment so I can come and comment on your post.

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