Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful... Day 24

First I wanted to say

Today, and every day, I am thankful for our house.

God miraculously provided it for us 13 1/2 years ago.
We have a Habitat Home.
We helped build it, my husband and I and our 2 neighbors who also have Habitat homes.

 the potential homeowner families
my family

Building Begins. The basement was poured and we started the framing.

My hubby

My hubby and I lifting floor joists. I am in the striped shirt on the left with the white hat.

Crane lifting the roof trusses.

Me standing in our future front door.

Nathan and I in our future dining room...

...stairs are not in yet.

After the stairs get put in we go up...

Nathan standing in his future bedroom.

Rachel and Jessica in their future bedroom.
Rachel is holding Christopher.

The family, except Rachel because she is taking the picture, in the Master Bedroom closet.

Roof is on, now it is time for the siding and brick front to be put on.
that is me on the scaffolding all in blue looking at the camera.

I was the only volunteer that showed up the day the guys came to put up the scaffolding.

The crew and I took a picture when they came to take down the scaffolding.
They counted me as one of the crew and I was proud of that.

Lunch Time

The president of Habitat For Humanity of New Castle County, Kevin

Time to start working on the insides

Moisture resistant Drywall, with enhanced protection against mold and mildew for the bathroom.

Kitchen cabinets


Grading the dirt for the future lawn.

Habitat keeps costs low by using lots of volunteers.
Members of our church came and volunteered
My Brother and Sister-in-law came to volunteer.
Here they are putting up the boys ceiling fan and light.

The flooring and cabinets are in.

Time for the house dedication.
Kevin Smith the Pres. of HFH of NCC

My baby boy! Such a cutie.

The kids and the crowd

Getting our keys.

Each homeowner has a turn to speak.

Praying a blessing on the homes.
Those close enough touched the house, those not close enough held hands.

I am thankful for our home. I am thankful that we were chosen from the many, many families that tried out for the home we received. Before we got this home the 6 of us were living in a tiny mobile home with only 2 bedrooms. Our previous living conditions are what allowed us to get this house. I am thankful that we have such a low mortgage. It has allowed us to keep our home through many financial trials. Habitat does not charge any interest, thanks to donated materials and time from many volunteers. The money we pay in for our mortgage goes to build more Habitat homes. I am thankful for the I am thankful we have a basement. Habitat of NCC stopped making homes with basements after they made ours... it was too expensive. We need and use our basement and I can't imagine where we would put all the stuff we have stored down there.

I am thankful our home was kept safe last night.
It is such a GOD thing that I was working on this post last night when we heard the fire engines turn down our street. There was a fire in the duplex next to ours.

There were 10 fire trucks on our street and on the main road next to our house, along with paramedics, ambulances, and police. I am thankful for our volunteer fire fighters.

I am thankful that no one was hurt.
 I did not get pictures of the actual fire because they made us evacuate our home and I did not think to grab the camera. These photos were taken after they let us get back in our home. The flames were shooting out that upper window and out the roof. Sparks landed on our roof. It was a scary time and the wind was blowing right toward our home and there is a big tree between the houses. I know the family in the right hand home, with the burnt out window, was going to spend the night in a hotel. There home is the one that was on fire. I don't know if the family in the left hand home got to sleep there or not. I pray each family has a place to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am sure they have a lot of troubles they will have to deal with, but I am sure they are thankful to all be safe and together. I pray God's blessing on them especially today and in the months to come as they make repairs on the homes.

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