Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful... Day 28

Today I am thankful for my computers. Yes, I have 2.
http://zaazu.comI have a desktop computer and a laptop My hubby got me the laptop computer so I could use it in the dining room while the boys were doing school. I use it at other times also. Without my computers I would not be able to blog, be on Facebook, Tweet, do e-mail, play games, search for printables for school, download freebies, make my own spreadsheets for our school logs and print them, scan, correct and save photos, play movies or watch t.v. stuff on Hulu while I work, or chat with my hubby over Pidgin while sitting next to him on the couch. Do any of you chat over your computer with people in the same room?? It is lots of fun. We especially like sending each other messages with the emoticons in them. For instance, today he was in our bedroom and I was down in the dining room. He asked how school was going and I just put the snail emoticon in the message. He got it. School was going soooooo sloooooow.

Most days I don't need this...  when working on the computers, and only once in a great while do I want to do this but when I do I am glad I have my talented hubby to fix things and make my computer run great again.

I am also thankful that I found so I could have so many cool smileys to add to my blog posts

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Me said...

very cute post debbie. And yes, i chat with family who are in the same room as me. And i text the kids when i don't feel like yelling across the house, lol


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