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Board Games for School - Bible

Since we are such game lovers I have decided to do a series of posts on the games we love for each of the major subjects of school. I hope you enjoy this. If you have questions about a certain game leave a comment and I will try to answer them. I will add answers to questions in an update about that game and in a different color so you can see the difference.

Links are to my Amazon affiliate account. You are welcome to check out the game, the look of it and the prices and then compare to any other site that you usually buy from.

Outburst - Bible Edition - This is a noisy game... as is the original and it is a lot of fun. There are 252 topics, a card viewer, bonus points, and passing chips. For Ages 8 to Adult, and 2 Teams (so you need at least 4 players). The opposing team chooses a card and puts it in the viewer. They tell you the topic and set the timer and then your team is off. Name as many things as you can that you think will fit the category until your time runs out or you discover all 10.

Try it. Can you name “10 Books of the Old Testament”? You have one minute. Go.

Sounds easy??? Not Really! You can't just name any 10 books of the Old Testament and win. You have to name the ones on the card... so I hope you know all your books of the O.T. and you can rattle them all off in less than 1 minute! LOL

Apples to Apples Bible Edition - Apples to Apples is a family favorite for ages 8 and up. Open the box, deal out the cards and select the first judge. Select the red card from your hand that you think is best described by a green category card played by the judge. Make sure you take into consideration who the judge is. Some people like to play seriously, others like a little fun. What card do you think is the best fit? If the judge picks your card, you win that round. The number rounds you play is determined by the number of players you have and the one who wins that many rounds first is the winner of the whole game.

Scattergories - Bible Edition - A challenging game for 2 to 4 players, ages 8 to Adult. Roll the letter die to determine the key letter for that round. How many Bible categories can you match to that letter before time runs out? For Example: You roll a “C”. Now start the timer. How quickly can you think of a “Place Christ walked?.” Calvary. “A name for the Holy Spirit?.” Comforter. What if you can’t think of an answer that starts with the key letter? No problem. Write down any answer that fits the category. Can't think of a place Jesus walked that starts with C... then do any place you can think of ... how about Galilee? You score 2 points if your answers are different from every other player and start with the letter that was rolled. You score 1 point if your answers are different from every other player and start with a different letter. The player with the highest score after three rounds is the winner. This game will really make you think and the pressure of the timer will cause you to forget things you could have put down... you will, invariably, think of the perfect answer... just after the buzzer goes off. You will also probably jump out of your seat a time or two... I do!

Bible Trivia: The Game Where Trivia Is Not Trivial - this is a very good and basic Bible Trivia game. Answer questions and move up the levels of the rainbow toward the center. There are adult and children's questions. You choose what level each player uses. Each level of questions are a different category. The categories are: Old Testament; History and Geography; Prophets and Prophecy (the children's cards are Prophecy and Miracles), Names; Letter, Numbers and Sequence; and Wisdom. Wonderful game full of trivia that is anything but trivial because it is about the Bible. 

Note: The link above and picture are of the version we have, but since there is only one, and it is older, it is expensive. There are other versions but they are a little different. I am sure they are good but I have not tried them so I can only point you to the links on Amazon, you will have to judge for yourself. Bible Trivia Board Game, Bible Trivia Game

Bible Challenge Board Game, 1984 Again this is the version we have and it is the older version... the newer version is cheaper and looks very similar - Bible Challenge. This is a typical trivia type game. You travel around the board and collect rings which you put on your pawn as you answer a question in each category. Better than regular trivia games since the trivia is about the Bible.
Bible Mad Gab - I love this one because of the nature of the game. We love taking the strange combinations of words and making them into a Bible saying. As an example: “Manny Ark Hauled Fewer Joe Send.” Say it out loud a couple of times. Sound like a lot of nonsense? It becomes “Many are called, few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14). Do you hear it now? We really get laughing playing this game.

Bible Brainstorm - A fun game with categories in music, word puzzles, drawing, trivia, and charades. Your team must move around the board, beginning at the start square and ending on the "USE YOUR GIFTS" center area. The first team to reach this area and show a unique gift they have that can help them serve God better is the winner. Categories are: Word Puzzles, Carages, Drawings, Christian Music, and Bible Trivia. Age Recommendation: 9 & up Number of Players: 2 & upYou pick cards and do different things in the different categories, all based on the Bible, something for everyone here and lots of Fun!

The Game of Pilgrim's Progress - A great game. No questions here just move around the board and try to be the first to get to the Celestial City. Familiarity with the story is a help in understanding the spaces on the board, but is not necessary to being able to play.

The link I gave you for Pilgrim's Progress is to the only copy I could find on Amazon. Apparently, the game is not being made any more. There are other versions out there but they are very different from this game. It is really sad that they aren't making this any more... it is a wonderful game... especially good if you are studying Pilgrim's Progress or John Bunyan.

The Omega Expedition: An Epic Adventure of Biblical Proportions - This used to be Christopher's favorite school game. We did not play it often for school because it really does not have a lot of Bible content like some of the games I have listed above... that is why it is down low on the list. But, it is fun.

How could it not be fun with this description on the back of the box. "Embark on an epic adventure of truly biblical proportions when you descend deep into the foreboding recesses of the labyrinth in search of holy artifacts. Surmount obstacles and deadly pitfalls and survive encounters with fierce creatures and supernatural beings bent upon denying you access to the holy artifacts. Witness history unfolding before your eyes as you find, and recover, holy relics thought to be lost to the ages."

It is like you get to be Indiana Jones... what kid would not think that was soooo cool. Find the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, the Spear of Destiny. What happened to these and other holy artifacts whose origins spring from the Bible??? There are multiple modes of play (single player, 2-3 individuals or teams) for ages 7+

Redemption Starter Deck 3rd Edition - My boys especially like this game. We have played it with their cards a few times but not lately. Redemption is an action-packed collectable trading card game based on the Bible, for two or more players, ages 8 and up. Players send their Heroes into battle against their opponents' evil hordes in an attempt to rescue Lost Souls. There are common, uncommon, rare cards, and special promotional cards. Collect and swap cards and play the game.

My boys also have this game on CDRom and Christopher likes playing against the computer better because he feels he has a chance of winning. I am thinking of buying the boys a pack or two of the special expansion decks for Christmas and see if that will encourage them to play the card game again.

There are lots of packs of these for sale at Amazon, just do a search for Redemption Cards or look at the area below the cards where it says "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed" when you click the link above... that will get you started.

Well, I hope you found at least one new Bible game that you would like to get for your family. Remember to leave me a comment if you have any questions.

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