Monday, May 23, 2011

Winterthur 05-05-11 With My Hubby Part 2

These are the flowers from the Quarry Garden...
one of my favorite spots at Winterthur.

I love all the different shades of these flowers.

white but still with some pink 


I just love all the pinks and purples and a little white mixed in too.

I love the little creek running through

you can sorta see the rocks in the background

the Quarry Garden from above

Now moving on to the sundial garden


I love how this shot turned out.

Hubby and the bush that looks like a giant powder puff.

the petals have all fallen off and it looks like snow...

One of our favorites...
Snowball Viburnum

Love this shot

Love the orange

Interesting Trunk

Love the variates of color


love the snowball shape these azalea blooms created

interesting tree trunk pictures

back to the lovely variates of color

My hubby sitting in his favorite spot at Winterthur





love the pink stripes

love the delicate, pale pink in these

another rhododendron on the way out of the park... almost back to the car now


All done.
I hope you enjoyed them.

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Dorie said...

Absolutely beautiful flowers & trees!

Savories of Life said...

Words fail me but all I can say is God is great. Come on over and see my homescholl blog.

Court said...

Wow! I thought we had exhausted all of the good pics of Winterthur. Your keen eye keeps finding some. Some of these look like Van Gough. Luv...Hubby

Me said...

wow...beautiful pics!!


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