Thursday, May 26, 2011

Progress in the Basement

We have been cleaning the basement in preparation for the arrival of my daughters' friends.

Here I have some before shots from yesterday morning...

 quite a lot of stuff that we need to sift through and figure out what to keep...

what to throw out...

and what is good enough to give to the thrift shop.

 Part way through the day yesterday...

I always make more mess in the midst of cleaning up
so the piles are growing...

Pictures from near the end of our cleaning time today...
new shelves and Rubbermaid tubs

 a bunch of the mess is now gone

This is the pile of trash at the curb waiting for the trash men tomorrow

We also took 2 car loads of stuff to the thrift shop
I don't know if we will get all done tomorrow but we are working our way through the basement.

Now that I posted my pictures I am going to get a snack and chill out for a while.

I will post more pictures tomorrow...
and whenever we are done I will post the photos of the finished basement.

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1 comment:

Me said...

Wow! Great job Deb!!
So, i was all ready to tell you that if you'll have me, i would love to come over tomorrow to hang and help...than i got a text message from a school friend of mine asking me what time i am coming over to her gradutation bbq, i need to do that. But, i still want to come and be with you and help if you'll feel comfortable letting me. I need to check my calender. What day is good for you?
I miss you


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