Monday, May 9, 2011

Goal Planning Monday ~ Week 15

It is Goal Planning Monday. Do you have goals? How are you doing with them?? 
I am done with school for the year. Time for summer vacation??? Well, yes, and no... it is time to write my summer to-do list and I have a lot to do, as usual. I will be working on my to-do list this week and will post it. I may post it next Monday with GPM or I may do a separate post. I have worked on my need/want list and I am almost done. I hope to finish today. 

I did exercise last week but most of it was not on the Wii. Thursday hubby and I took a walk at Winterthur... just the 2 of us... it was lovely. About 2 hours of exercise. Friday I was supposed to go to Ladies Bible Study and then out on a date with my hubby. But in the early morning I was going through my  e-mail and I found a link to a coupon that would give us FREE admission to a local Garden - Longwood Gardens to be exact. So I printed off one coupon, I figured hubby and I would just make it part of our date day. Hubby read the fine print on the coupon and it said you could print as many coupons as you needed for the amount of people in your group. So we gathered the children and told them we had a change of plans. We regrouped, I called and told my ladies Bible study leader I would not be there, and we headed for Longwood. We walked around for 3 1/2 hours. I did work out on the Wii but I don't know what days.

I did read a bunch this week, but didn't finish reading any books.

I caught up on my Bible reading. I am making it a priority again. I had let this slip. I rededicated myself to my daily Bible reading, listening to some godly music, writing in my journal daily, and praying. These are the important things in my day.

My goals for this coming week are to:
  1. Work on my need/want list for school for next year. 
  2. Talk to my hubby about my need/want list for school.
  3. Read... I have several books I am working on and I will let you know how I do on them next Monday. If you want to know what I am reading check my personal Shelfari in the left sidebar.
  4. Blog about the books I have finished reading and get them logged into my reading challenge pages.
  5. Exercise at least 4 days and I want at least one of them to be a 45 minute workout. Last weeks 4 workouts were all close to 30 minutes except one 40 minute one. I am working my way back. 
  6. Write and schedule my last review for TOS Review crew for this year.
  7. I have something exciting coming up next weekend but I can't tell you until afterward. Watch for my update last week.

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Lisa said...

Congrats on finishing your school year!!!!

Dropping by from Goal Planning Monday :-)

revjen said...

Stopping in G.P.M. Good goals :) HAve a great week!

Anonymous said...

i am also popping over from gpm.

i am fairly new to the wii world. what program do you use for exercise?

i am intrigued by your want/need list and your summer to-dos. i always have big plans for the summer and because i don't make it a priority, not much on the list gets done.

i look forward to checking back next week.

Debbie said...

Dear fruitfulwords,
I use the Wii Fit... for now. I love it. There are a lot of different exercises on there and so it makes it fun and I can pick and choose and do different things each day.

If you want more details look at this post I did for Fit Mommy Friday

susan said...

thanks for the link about the wii fit. i will look into getting one too.

lol. the word verification for this comment is hyppo. do you think i am getting a "cosmic amen" about my need to exercise?

Debbie said...

LOL Too funny. I could not say, would not comment on someone else's weight when my own is such a struggle. LOL But I will say I love my Wii Fit.

Debbie said...

Lisa and revjen,
Thanks for visiting. Thanks for the comments. I hope to visit your/all the GPM links tomorrow.

Wendy said...

Hey Debbie! I admire you for being brave enough to post about your weight-loss progress and goals! I'll be praying for you as you continue to make progress. How exciting!

Mama Manuscripts said...

I bet your weekend was wonderful (and I'm a little jealous).

I am always so encouraged when I read about your fitness updates. I am really not doing well in that department and feeling it...I think I need to come visit your blog on a daily basis.

I hope to see you tomorrow over on GPM!


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