Monday, May 16, 2011

Goal Planning Monday ~ Week 16

It is Goal Planning Monday.
Do you have goals?
How are you doing with them?? 

I finished my Need/Want list last week and talked to my hubby about the things I wanted. We went through each item and narrowed down the list by getting rid of things my hubby did not think we needed. He decided we would not buy anything online until after we went to the homeschool convention. CHAP was this past weekend in Harrisburg. For the first time we took all the children. It was a crazy, tiring, exciting weekend. I met 2 ladies from the TOS crew that I had never met before. Our Captain Heidi and one of the ladies on my mini crew Loretta. I also saw a number of people from my local homeschool group there. It was great to see some vendors that we previously have met and love, and neat to see some new ones. We had a good time. I will do a post on what I bought, with pictures… later this week.

I did not get time to post about the books I read… so that is on my list again this week.

I did read. I finished “Out On A Whim” by Dave Meurer and will post a review of that soon.

I did exercise but only one day on the Wii, that was Wednesday. Friday and Saturday we were at CHAP all day and we walked and walked and walked. So I exercised 3 days but not 4. I also gained over the past week. I guess the walking did not counteract the eating out we did on Friday and Saturday.

I did write most of my review that is due today but not all of it. Blogger had serious problems on Thursday. While I was writing my review they had a problem and closed all of blogger for maintenance. My post would not save any longer. I transferred all my stuff to Windows Live Writer and saved it there. After I get this goals post done I will finish up my review and get that posted.

My goals for this coming week are to:
  1. Write my blog post about my favorite TOS product from this year
  2. The TOS crew gives out awards each year for the top products. The crew votes for the top products on a form on our TOS forum and then the votes are counted and the awards given out. I need to vote this week so that means I need to talk to my boys about our favorites.
  3. Read.  If you want to know what I am reading check my personal Shelfari in the left sidebar.
  4. Blog about the books I have finished reading and get them logged into my reading challenge pages.
  5. Get my pictures from Winterthur and Longwood Gardens posted on my blog…. watch out… lots of photos of family and flowers coming soon!
  6. Entertain my mom who is visiting this week, spend time with her, serve her. Please keep her in your prayers as she continues to deal with the nerve pain caused by the shingles she had in March. Things are better but not back to normal and she started taking a new medicine on Wednesday last week and she says it makes things worse not better after she takes it… so please keep her in your prayers.
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susan said...

hello debbie,
i used to love attending homeschool conventions because of the products, meeting up with friends, new information and encouragement and being surrounded by possibilities. sounds like your time was good as well.

have fun with your mom. i will pray about the medication and pain.

Me said...

So glad you had a good time last weekend!!
I miss you, would love to come over soon :-)
Maybe after mom goes back home.
I hope she feels better with this new medicine.
Love you girl

Lisa said...

Hope you are enjoying your visit with your Mom!

Our homeschool convention is coming up soon. Hopefully my ankle will be 'up to the challenge' :-)

Have a great weekend!


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