Monday, September 6, 2010

Homeschool Opposition from Family and Friends

The theme of this week's TOS Blog Cruise is "How do you respond to family/friends that don't support your decision to homeschool?"

When I first saw this question I thought about the responses I got from my family 21 years ago when we decided to homeschool. They were anything but encouraging. Then I thought about the many questions one gets from strangers about homeschooling. These questions may be the same, but remember, family and sometimes even close friends have an investment in us, care for us and want the best for us and our children. We must answer them with firmness and conviction but in love.

It is difficult for friends and family to understand that we may choose a different way for our children, a different way of educating than they choose/chose for their children. I got a college degree in elementary education. I worked at at Christian school for one year. I did not have trouble with friends and homeschooling. A lot of my friends were already homeschooling or knew someone who was. None of my family doubted that I could do the job. They were concerned about the children not having enough friends. One of my siblings wanted to know when I was going to put the children in school and get back to teaching. I was teaching. Teaching my own. But that did not pay anything. I had a difficult experience my one, and only, year of teaching. I was glad to quit and get married. I had no desire to go back to teaching a class full of kids and deal with the parents and administrators. I was happy to only have to please God and my husband in what/how I taught my children. I was lucky to live in a state that required little from us where reporting was concerned. My sister asked me this question often. And I answered her each time by saying something like this, "I plan to homeschool my children and I don't have any plans to teach in any kind of school again." We stood our ground and kept homeschooling. After a few years the questions lessened and then stopped. Until we started some other "radical" thing. LOL Then there were questions about that. Free Userbars

My mother was always supportive. I never had any trouble from my husband's side of the family, but Court's parents were both dead before I began homeschooling. I have no idea what they would have thought about it. His siblings did not have much to say about it that I remember.

Chocolate Pudding
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Remember this, "The proof is in the pudding." Be patient with family and friends. If you do your best, if your children are learning, happy and growing, if you pray and keep on keeping on they will come around. They will see the children happy and learning and will come over to your side. And, if they don't keep on anyway. As long as you have the conviction from God that this is what you should do, and your husband is supportive, keep on! The same sibling that once questioned me now has two grandchildren being homeschooled by her daughter-in-law. One other nephew of mine and his wife are also homeschooling their kids. Life is ironic makes me smile. Free Emoticons
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Hubby said...

Great article Wiffee! I would counsel anyone who knows the Holy Spirits call in this area not to neglect it. We had a definite call although we didn't share that part with others. We just followed it. I have never been sorry we did. When we started out, we didn't even know homeschool existed! We just knew the Holy Spirit was leading us out of public school, then out of even the Christian School idea. It was truly being called into a "land that we knew not."

Vickie said...

Great post! I'm sure beginning this journey 21 years ago did seem to be doing something "radical". Now you can say you were there when LOL

Great follow-up from hubby too :)

God's Blessings and keep on keeping on.


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