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New Monic Review - Vocabulary Cartoons

Perhaps your student only has rudimentary skills with vocabulary and you want them to learn some. Then it is opportune that I have this review on my blog for you to see.  Do your kids abhor boring lists and definitions and trying to memorize them?? Embarrassed Smileys Are you looking for something more fun and interesting? Don't procrastinate, check out this product. Vocabulary Cartoons, SAT Word Power Now I will admit some of the rhymes are grandiose and quixotic, but some of them are laudable and euphonious. Did you like the words I used in that paragraph. Do you know what they all mean??? I didn't. All of the words in red are words that your student can learn with this book, that is where I got them. I just hope I used them all properly.  Happy Smileys

What is a mnemonic??? Here is a quote from the website as to what a mnemonic is:
"A mnemonic is a device that helps you remember something by associating what you are trying to remember with something you already know. A mnemonic device could be in many different forms like; rhymes, songs, pictures to name a few. For example, "Columbus sailed the ocean blue in fourteen hundred ninety-two" is a classic mnemonic rhyme which helps you remember when Columbus discovered America."
Vocabulary Cartoons uses rhyming words, a cartoon illustration and extra sample sentences to help your child, and you, remember the vocabulary words with a lot less effort.

Did the quote and description help you figure out what this book actually does? Are you still confused? Confused Smileys Well maybe this will help. Here is a page from one of the books with explanation of what each part is and does.

Vocabulary Cartoons, SAT Word Power is recommended for 7th - 12th grades. Your student(s) can learn hundreds of SAT level words faster and easier with powerful rhyming and visual mnemonics. The book contains 290 SAT words, 10 words in each section, with 29 review quizzes consisting of matching and fill-in-the-blank problems. There is no teacher prep or other books necessary. The book is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches and has 346 pages.

Your student can go through the book at his own pace or you can set the pace you want him to strive for. I let my boys set their own pace. I had the boys flip through the words in one section at a time. They worked on them till they knew them then checked themselves with the review. I had them just label a notebook page with the numbers 1-10 twice, once for the matching and once for the fill-in-the-blank, and write their answers there and not in the book.

I am sorry to say my son's opinion of this book is, "meh." What does that mean?? Not great, not terrible? He says, "It's OK." I had a hard time getting them to do this. Vocabulary is just not something they like to "study"... even in this way. Maybe if I just continue to get them to thumb through the book they will learn them all eventually. I think the book is great. I like the layout. The pictures it forms in your mind stick there. I love it. I want to work through the book myself and improve my vocabulary. I would recommend the book to anyone with kids this age, but especially if they are visual learners and planning on taking the SAT's.

View a complete word list here
Here are some Teacher Strategies for using Vocabulary Cartoons.
See some more Samples (this will really help you decide if this will help your student)

Price: $12.95 (quantity discounts also available)

Vocabulary Cartoons also has an elementary version and a second volume on the high school level. They have other products too.

Out of five stars I give these Vocabulary Cartoons:

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***Vocabulary Cartoons provided me with the book above so that I could do my review. Though I received these products for free I have given an honest review of them here in this post.

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