Sunday, September 19, 2010


Here are some more photos I found that I thought I already posted. 
These were taken on August 20th.
This is my flower garden in front of our house. 
I have a hydrangea which is in the back on the left, now only leaves,
some black-eyed susans,
and some weeds,
then there is my lovely rose bush. This bush got overrun by the weeds and black-eyed susans but it gave us a few roses this year. The pictures below are of one of the nicest roses of the season.
Oh, I also have some spring flowers in there.



Which close up do you like better???
261 or 262?
261 is the untouched photo
262 was enhanced using Picassa

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Tracy said...


Dorie said...

These are lovely rose pictures, and I am not sure which close up I like better. Number 261 has a richer color on the flower blossom, but 262 has a more dynamic stand out appearance of the flower.


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