Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Homeschooling Is a Labor of Love and TOS Magazine Wants to Support That

I love homeschooling. I love The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. The “Labor of Love” subscription sale is a celebration of the commitment to homeschool. A TOS magazine subscription will support your commitment. The TOS mag. is full of great articles by homeschooling mom's and dad's. TOS disperses honesty... TOS does not just paint a picture of perfection they acknowledge the hard days, the struggles homeschool mom's go through and offer help and suggestions to get you through those hard days and hard spots of homeschooling. The also have great ads and reviews for homeschool curriculum and resources that will help you in your homeschooling, some tried and true and some new and innovative.

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is extending an extraordinary subscription offer to homeschool families. Receive a one-year print subscription for just $7.95 or a one-year plus current issue subscription for $12.95. One-year subscriptions start with the winter issue. The one-year plus current issue starts with the fall issue. If you live outside the USA and Canada, or you prefer it, they are offering their digital magazine for only 6.95. It will come right to your e-mail each month. Only 5000 of these special subscriptions are available from Now through midnight on September 15. Once the 5000 are gone, they'’re gone! Hurry and grab this crazy price today! Click Here!

This is part 2 of  an offer I received from TOS magazine. I am receiving a free Expo-To-Go ticket in exchange for this post and the one on the Expo. In spite of that I have given an honest review of what I think about the TOS magazine and I hope you will check out the magazine offer.

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