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Think Back Thursday ~ Reading

The purpose of Think Back Thursday is to link up a photo post about something from the past. You can reach back all the way to your childhood and bravely post pictures of you in your wild clothes and hair styles or post something from last year and tell us about it. I'm not picky. Hey, even yesterday was the past... LOL I hope you will join us.

Today's Theme
 My family has always liked books... some liked them earlier than others. We are definitely book collectors. Besides these bookcases in our upstairs hallway (above) and the living room (below), we each have a bookcase in our bedroom, actually the girls have 2 bookcases. I also have Rubbermaid tubs in the basement with books in them that won't fit on our shelves.

 We like old books (I really like old books and have been grateful to find some real gems), some new books, homeschool books, fiction books, historical fiction, history books, science books... lots and lots of books.

 You know you are homeschooled when you get books for your birthday!
Which one is really happy about getting books and which one is faking???

 Grandma reads a story

Nathan gets a book for Christmas 1995

 Jessica gets a book for Christmas 1995

 Rachel gets a book for her birthday 1997

 Rachel reading while waiting for the family to be ready for church,
Easter Sunday 1999

School in our bedroom that first year because we only had air conditioning in this one room. We spent a LOT of time in my husband and my bedroom. The kids slept with us most nights that summer. Hubby decided we HAD to save up and get central air before the next summer and he did it! He didn't want another summer like that one.

 Nathan is learning to read

 Christopher likes books already

Nathan is reading well enough to read simple books to his brother!

Jessica gets a book about writing. She was the child that liked reading the latest... not until High School did she really like reading... and now she is writing books! God is good.

Here are some old books I purchased for 10 cents a piece from a surplus store near our home.
Good books at a GREAT price.

"borrowed" from Facebook

Library Book Sale 2009
I walked into the library one day not knowing they were having a book sale. After getting the things I went to the library for I went into the side room where the book sale was going on.

One of the ladies helping out said, "Grab a paper bag there." So I turned and saw a pile of paper bags like you would get at a normal grocery store. "You can fill a bag, and all the books you can fit in there are just $5.", she said.

WOW!!! Great Deal!!

I grabbed a bag and started looking... and looking... and putting things in the bag... and looking... you get the idea. They had books, hardback and paperback; books on tape (cassette) and video tapes.

I got through all the stuff and ended near the front where the kids books were.

"Can the books stick up out of the bag?" I asked.
"Sure," she said.

"Do I have to be able to pick the bag up off the floor?" I asked, with a smile.
"Yes!" she answered with a chuckle.

My bag was already sitting on the floor next to me because it was to heavy as I continued to browse and add books to my bag.

Below you will see many pictures of the lovely books and of the kids looking at all the "goodies" I brought home.

Look What I Got For $5!!!

There was something for everyone and many books that would be used for homeschooling.

Here is another pile from the state surplus store... look at the great books the public schools are getting rid of. I am just glad I can take advantage of this.

This is a whole box of Landmark books from a local homeschooler that I met at a used book sale. I asked if they had any more landmark books while at the sale and one lady said she had some at home to sell. More details and close up pictures of all the books can be seen here More Books - A Great Find

Sunday nights we take time from our busyness and away from all our electronic devices to read by candlelight. Well, last week Jessica did read from her new Kindle during evening reading... but we are reading as a family and away from the computers, so that is a good thing. If you have not read the complete post and would like to know how we started this you can read the post here - Without Power

Permission was given by Stifyn Emrys
see his page @
Thanks so much Stifyn

Now, when the kids get books for Christmas they really are happy.  Christmas 2010 we got a really good deal on a the Complete R.M. Ballantyne Adventure Library. Since it was a family gift the girls opened half of the books. We only got 18 books, it seems the set now has 20... we have 2 new Ballantyne books to put on our wish list.

Our family is a reading family. The girls and I read more than the boys do, not counting Christopher's school book reading... at least we read the most new books. Christopher gets stuck on a series and reads and reads and reads it. If you want to know more about what I am currently reading look at my Goodreads reading list in the right hand sidebar. You can also check out my Reading label in the left sidebar.

I hope you enjoyed looking back at some photos of our kids and our books.
Now it is your turn.

Here is what is upcoming in the next month and a half...

January Themes
1/17 Wood
1/24 Silly
1/31 Black and While

In February
2/7, 2/14, 2/21. 2/28  a series on Playing with Photos
What program do you use to fiddle with your photos?
Let us know and show some of the things the program does.

If you don't want to join in on this one... mine will be a series for all of February...
you can choose your own topics and post what you would like.

I have been wanting to do this on my blog and decided to do it for Think Back Thursday since I use a lot of photos for this meme. It will take some planning ahead to get this one ready so I am giving you all of Jan to work on it.

I look forward to seeing what you show us... whether you do Playing with Photos or your own thing.

Here are the Rules for participating:
  • It can be about you, about your kids, about your parents, whomever. You can include video, I will not exclude video alone posts, but I prefer them along with photos, as this is a photo meme. I am doing a weekly theme now. That should help narrow it down from the myriad of photos we all have. For ideas check out the other posts in my label Think Back Thursday. 
  • Link up below. Please use a permalink that sends readers directly to the correct post. If you are not sure what that is click the word permalink for an explanation. 
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  • Leave me a comment. First so that you can let me know what you think of my pictures and secondly so that I will know a new post has been linked up and I can come visit your blog and comment on your photos. 
Join me!

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Kym Thorpe said...

Wow, you have a LOT of reading pictures! I love your bookshelves - that's the way they look best in my opinion, stuffed full of books. 8-)

Chantel said...

Love all your reading pictures!! So awesome. :D

BTW, tomorrow Reading Challenge 2013's post goes live. I am giving you a shout out because I just wanted you to know that your faithful participation last year really meant a lot to me.

Happy reading in 2013!! :)


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