Saturday, November 3, 2012

Without Power

Thursday evening we had been watching an old t.v. series on DVD that my daughters got out of the library, when the phone rang. It was my daughters' friend in Texas. We paused the DVD while the girls talked with her. All of a sudden we were in total darkness. Everything went off. Even the telephone.

Someone hit a telephone pole near our home, the Internet went out right away, and they shut off the electric soon after because of downed wires.
We scrambled for flashlights, thank goodness we know our home well and knew where some were. Then my husband shut off the electric so that it would not cause damage and everything would not just pop back on later. 
We lit our oil lantern and some candles.
We had no idea how long it would be.
My daughter called her friend with our cell phone so she and her family would not worry about us.
We were happy we had prepped for hurricane Sandy, we had jugs of water, frozen in the basement, there to help keep the food from going bad. Unfortunately we had eaten all our snacks. We do have a gas stove so we could have cooked on the stove top if we needed to, but we didn't.

We were not ready for bed because it was too early. We had no electric, no computers, no t.v....
what to do?

We lit more candles and took the oil lantern and sat around the kitchen table.
This is what it looked like. 

It was very cozy and had an old fashioned feel.
We each got a book, except my hubby, he got his Bible.
It was fun.
The smell of my Yankee Candles, various scents mixed together, made it even sweeter.
I took one photo with the flash on, and it shows us better, but looses the ambiance.

We enjoyed ourselves so much we are planning to make this a weekly family time.
Sunday evenings we want to gather, turn out all the lights, light candles and the oil lamp, and read around the kitchen table. I hope it will become a time of setting aside the technology we feel we can't do without, a time to gather as a family, a time to set aside for quiet and reading. A precious family time.

Friday morning when we woke up the electric was back on, but the Internet was not. 
We spent all day Friday without it.
They had to replace a telephone pole and put up new lines.
There were men working on the lines all night Thurs. night and all day Friday.
Just before we went to bed on Friday the Internet came back on.

We didn't loose power at all during hurricane Sandy, but a driver, who can't go straight on a straight road (we never did hear what actually happened to cause the electric to go out) took out our electric for 12 hours and our Internet for more than 24 hrs. I know there are many in New Jersey and some in New York and PA (maybe other states) still without power because of hurricane Sandy. I am praying for them. I know the power companies are working hard and I am thankful they have gotten help from other states as well. But, maybe it was a blessing, a time to cherish, a time to reflect, a time to be thankful for what we have, a time we want to repeat; but at our convenience.

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This looks great. I need to suggest this to my husband. :) Glad you got your electricity back. There are still quite a few people around here who do not have electricity since the hurricane.


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