Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Books - A Great Find

Praise the Lord!! I am so happy!
Did you see my post a couple weeks ago: Used Books- Some Great Finds

At this used book sale there were two ladies. The lady who had the sale at her home and a friend of hers, named Jane. We were very interested in, and went to the sale specifically for the Landmark books she had advertised. We mentioned that fact to both the ladies. Jane said she had more Landmark books at her home that she was willing to sell so we took her name and number down. We got busy and forgot about it for a couple weeks but one day my dh remembered and we called her and set up a time to go to her home and look at the books.

That was Tuesday Night...

When we arrived she had the books stacked on her dining room table. One of my first questions was how much do you want for each book. My husband countered with, "I was going to ask how much you wanted for all of them." She said she had a few more upstairs and went to get them. When she came down she said she usually charged $2 for these kinds of books, and wanted to know how many were there. Court counted and there were 42.

"How about $80," she said.

"That is exactly the amount I had in my wallet," said my husband.

That is a God thing!!!

God provided just the right amount of money to buy the books and my husband let me buy them all! What a blessing from the Lord.

Landmark books are History books, my favorite subject. These will make for some great read aloud this year and in the years to come. The pictures came out well enough that I do not have to write the titles for each of the books we got. If you can't read the titles, and want to, you can click each picture and see a larger view.

Here they are:

The books in the picture above, except for the Joan of Arc, are ones that will enhance our History THIS year!

The Joan of Arc book was one I was especially glad to see. I bought a copy of this book last year and when we went to read it this summer it had disappeared. I was bummed. Now if it shows up we will have two and if not at least I have this copy.

The books below will be used in the future...

Quite a range of time periods and subjects.

This is the only book without a title on the front and is the only one that is not a Landmark. It looks like a good book though. Title: We Were There With The Mayflower Pilgrims by Robert N. Webb. We will be reading this book this year to... hopefully. Right now we are at the early 1400's reading The Adventures and Discoveries of Marco Polo. A Landmark I bought from Amazon.

If you were astute you may have noticed there were only 41 books in the pictures above. One of the titles I am not sure we will keep. I will have to read it. It is Prehistoric America by Anne Terry White. Oh well, if we don't want it I will try and sell it or maybe give it away.

My daughters have already picked out books from the pile that they want to read soon!!! and they are not even in school any more. I love it that they still want to learn and stretch and keep growing. I am so proud of you girls. If I instilled in you a love of learning then I guess I did an ok job homeschooling you all those years.

Thank you Lord for these books, hopefully they will be a blessing to generations of our family, should the Lord tarry. Thank you Hubby for working so hard and buying so many good books for our homeschool, even if I have to eat PB & J for a month... LOL just kidding!



Annette said...

What a blessing! And what a bunch of books to find room for!

I took yesterday's quiz. We've read love languages a couple of times. My results weren't a surprise.

Penney Douglas said...

What a wonderful blessing! How nice that your husband was so supportive of the whole thing.


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