Monday, July 27, 2009

First Day of School 2009-10 and Some Views of our Schoolroom

Today was our first day of school for 2009-2010. We have many things planned for this year. Among them are:
Ok, that is our basic curriculum for the year. It will be accented by and added to and interrupted by the products we will be testing for the TOS Review Crew.

Now on to the pictures from our first day of school this year and of the places in our home where we do our learning.

Nathan working on his Math at the kitchen table,
the place where most of the learning takes place.

Christopher at the table. Note: in the picture below you can see our divider,
we use this to keep the boys on task and less distracted by each other.
It also serves as a large mini office with needed help pages inside of plastic sleeves.
The plastic sleeves make it so we can change the pages as needed.

Pictures of me doing my "work" keeping the school log.
Christopher took these of me.
He wanted one of me smiling and said, "That is my beautiful Mom," which made me smile a more natural smile, what a sweet boy.

Oops!! He got me making a funny face. I was erasing something on the page and then I went to blow the page off and he took another picture at just that moment.

Jessica, on the couch in the living room, working with her new laptop she got on Sunday. She has been saving her money since her graduation in 2007 and has been waiting for a great deal. She finally found it!

Oh, So Serious Nathan!!!

Or, maybe not!!

Christopher, acting goofy on purpose!!

My smiling boy!

I did not get a picture of Rachel today. She was scanning stuff on my computer for a while and checking her blog! OH make sure you check out the girls giveaways. A new giveaway every day this week. Click on the button near the top on the left for the Summer Blast Giveaway!

Here is Christopher's Pile of school stuff! sorta organized!! LOL

Here is my "school" box with the books I will use most often each day this year. Organized by subject with cardboard cereal box dividers to separate them.

A full view of the table in the dining room and the divider.

Our bookshelf in the dining room, opposite the table.

The bookcase in the living room with the books we need for this year, as well as the general reference books used every year, and the Portfolios from all 18 years of homeschooling.

The boys computer in the living room.

The bookcase in the upstairs hallway with the books we don't need for this year. Organized by subject with the History ones in chronological order.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this peak into our home and our first day of school,
Have a great week,


Michele said...

Well, i can't believe your summer vacation is over already. Thankfully, i still have 3 weeks. I am totally not prepared for the upcoming year. I need to get myself into gear. Sorry i didn't see you on Sunday, but it just didn't work out given the car situation. We will be looking for one tomorrow. I guess i missed out on taking advantage of your time to prepare my history, but i just could not get up to your house without a car available to just me. We will have to get together soon anyway, because i really miss you. Good luck with your first few days of school!! You look very prepared. Love you

TOSHeidi said...

Looks like a great first day! I enjoyed a glimpse into your homeschool. You know, I might have to steal that divider idea - it's great! My girls are always mad at each other and this might be just what we need to seperate them a bit. We brought up a little desk for Ian, so he can sit there and not distract them. Now, to find a giant box!

Annette said...

I loved seeing all your homeschooling stuff...but especially the family. It's great that they got a couple nice shots of you too!

Tristan said...

Love seeing all the pictures! That divider is a great idea. I had thought about mini offices before, but simply the divider itself could be priceless.

I'm in awe - 18 years of homeschooling already! That is amazing. We're only on year #4 with my little ones.

Michelle said...

Looks great! I love the divider idea too - how many times I have set a book up, I can't tell you! Hope you all have a blessed school year!

Laura O said...

Debbie ~ I love to see what others are doing in their homeschool adventures. I'm so envious of all the bookshelves as I'm still waiting for hubby to build me some. We won't start in earnest on schoolwork until after Boy Scout camp next month. But, we are doing TOS Crew review products already (same OT overview as you) and eldest son worked on Latin a bit today. And, I started moving things around so that the few shelves I have for books are things we need to access. House hunting had me postponing that task, but I can't justify it any longer....

mama4x said...

He's right- Mom is beautiful- nice smile!

MiaZagora said...

Hey, I love your divider!


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