Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blast From the Past - In Honor of our 25th Anniversary, Today!!!

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Love is not as simple as candlelight and roses...
...Love is day-to-day living,
taking time,
making time to be there with open arms
and a giving heart...
Love is the special life we share.
(author unknown)

Our Wedding was held on July 14th, 1984; at the home of my sister Chris. We pulled her piano onto her porch for the music and used her yard and the yard of the building next door to her.

First I have a slide show for you; then, if you are interested, just a few of the same photos with more details of who the people are in the photos!

"If you don't marry Debbie today you will be sorry!!!" LOL
The Guys were goofing off before the ceremony, lightening the tensions and having some fun!

The Wedding Party (left to right and back to front):
One of my best friends from High School Rodney Sisco,
Court's Brother-in-law Russ,
Court's Friend Jerry,
The Best Man - Court's best friend, Olin Carey,
My Matron of Honor - My sister Chris Coover,
A friend of mine from College Anne Fisher,
Court's Sister Evelyn
My best friend from High School Becky Meyerend,

My niece Jennifer Weaver,
My nephew Jason Coover,
Court's niece Emily Taylor

I lost touch with Anne Fisher - Anne if you are out there contact me!!
My niece and Courts are married now with children of their own and their names have changed.
My nephew Jason is also married but did not change his name of course... LOL
My friend Becky is a missionary in Mexico

This car belonged to my brother-in-law Dave's Father, Dale Coover. He lived right across the street from my sister and brother-in-law's house and agreed to drive us around town and then to the reception in his Model T. Mr. Coover is driving.

My Family: (left to right front to back)
front left : My niece Jennifer Weaver, her brother Matthew Weaver,
2nd row: Linda Weaver (then married to my brother Bob, now divorced)
and nephew Jason Coover,
3rd row: My brother Bob Weaver, my sister Chris Coover, her husband Dave Coover,
Court, My Mom Beatrice Weaver, my brother Lew Weaver (his wife and kids were already over at the reception helping out)
Me seated in front

Court's Family: (left to right front to back)
Court's niece Emily Taylor, Me (seated), Court's nephew Adam Taylor
Court's Brother John Phillips, his wife at the time Jeannie, Court's sister Evelyn, her husband at the time Russ, Court, Court's Mom Joyce Phillips, Court's nephew Rusty Taylor

I hope you enjoyed this look at my Wedding which was 25 years ago today!

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Pictures of you, your family, your kids, your spouse...

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I love you Hubby!!
Happy 25th Anniversary to me and Hubby!
I love you more today than I did then!


Hillary Moore said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoyed your photos :) Congratulations on 25 years. Anymore that is an accomplishment--unfortunately.

Jessica said...

That looks great mom! Except you forgot the "H" when you wrote about putting on your "H"eart pin. lol! whoops!

I love you and dad so much! I am so glad that God has blessed me with parents like you!

Hugs and Kisses!

P.S. I wrote a note for you and dad on young homemakers.

Sheri said...

Happy Anniversary (a day late)! Hope it was special for ya! That is awesome that you have been together 25 years...hard to come by these days. Congrats!

FM Sheri

Annette said...

Happy anniversary! The photos are wonderful! I saw that the girls did some sweet things for the two of you!

Michele said...

Happy belated anniversary! I really enjoyed seeing the slide show and all the pictures. You both looked great. I'm so glad i can finally get on to your blog again so that i can tell you that i miss you and i am waiting for a day that nobody needs the car so i can come over. Steve said that maybe next week he can take me over your house before he goes to work and then pick me up on his way home. Well, that would be a very long day ;). Hopefully i can get the van before then. Maybe Friday. Well, i'll let you know. But i am really looking foward to spending some time with you and the family. Love you


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