Friday, July 31, 2009

Say It Forward - Michele

I have not done Say It Forward in a while but have wanted to. So I decided to make time to do it today. I am featuring one of my loyal commenters: Michele from go visit her blog!

Michele has only been blogging since January of this year but we have been friends for Ages. Michele has a small blog read and written mostly for her family in Florida so they can keep up with what is going on with Michele and her family here in DE. Michele is a loyal commenter, leaving comments weekly, if not on every post then on most of them. Michele is, more importantly, a loyal friend.

Michele is currently homeschooling her youngest, Rachel, and homeschooled her other two children a couple years ago, but they are back in public school. Michele is a member of my church and that is where we met.

Here are some pictures of our families at Winterthur this past May.
Michele is the one in the white sleeveless top with the blue cap, on the far left.

the others in the picture left to right: Rachel (seated in the back), Me (in the pink stripes), my mom (in the wheelchair) Michele's daughter Rachel, and Christopher [Jessica and Nathan were also with us, I think Jessica was taking the picture]

The Bird's Nest in Enchanted Woods
Tweet! Tweet!

A fun walking path in Enchanted Woods
Round and Round we go!

We have had many fun times together and I cherish her and her friendship and her family.
Call me Michele!!

Oh Michele, you get a button for being selected as a Loyal Commenter: click on this link and you will see the html code part of the way down the post. (if you need help e-mail, call or leave a comment)

You can also click the link above to read the other Say it Forward posts.

Have a great weekend,


Tea With Tiffany said...

Thank you for sharing your story on my recent devo at Laced with Grace. We never know the power of touching one life. The math starts working. Your life matters and has great purpose in God's kingdom.

I see you already sharing love by saying it forward.

God bless you.

Lori Lynn said...

Love the pics of winterthur. We've been wanting to go on the library bus trip, but didn't get the chance. Great pics & post.

Lori Lynn

Michele said...

DEBBIE, That was so sweet!! You know how much i love you!! I appreciate the kind words and love you threw my way and hope you know i feel the same about you. I have missed you so much and now that we finally have a car again, am looking forward to coming over your house. I will see you in church tomorrow and we will make plans. Love you


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