Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Think Back Thursday ~ Reminder of the themes

Tomorrows theme will be...
 Aug. 2 - Earth/Dirt

Interpret this however you like.
I already have my photos picked out, in fact I probably have to many. I don't know if I will share them all or save some for another time.

I have done some planning ahead for August. So while you are looking for this week's pictures you can be on the lookout for photos for the themes for the weeks ahead.

Aug. 9 - Fire
Aug. 16 - Wind/Air
Aug. 23 - Rock
Aug. 30 - Night

The first 4 August posts are part of a series... we already did Water and Clouds. I decided to do some other basic "elements" of life on earth. Aug. 30 can by any night shot, should be outside, inside at night is just an inside shot, not a night shot. I have been collecting some pictures for these posts. I put them in a special file called Future Think Back Thursday Themes. Inside that folder are separate folders for each theme.

Are you working on your post???
Tomorrow is the day

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