Monday, August 13, 2012

Not Back-to School Blog Hop ~ School Room Week

We have never done school in only one place. We do use our dining room table the most however.

We use workboxes to keep things organized and so we can track how much school has been done and what still needs to be done. Christopher is my only student this year so we have plenty of room on the shelves for the workboxes and for our other stuff. 
On the top shelf from left to right...
Extra notebooks in a workbox we are not using right now.
The third box from the left is Truth Quest History - Age of Revolution I: (America/Europe, 1600-1800) taken apart and put into a binder in plastic pages.
Next to that is our industrial strength 3 whole punch. I can punch a bunch of pages with this. We got it at a state surplus store.
Next to that is the school supply organizer which spins.
On the far right are my "pencil" boxes which have all kinds of supplies in them.

 I also have a purple rubbermaid tub. In this I keep all the teacher books and my school log book, which you see on top of the purple box.

These are the shelves in the living room.

These are the main texts for Biology this year.

Here is the current History shelf.

These are the bookcases upstairs.

I also have a bunch of books stored in tubs in the basement which won't fit on the shelves.

This is our exercise area in the basement.

We also have a Mat and 3 games to go with it. Lately Christopher has been using this for his Phys. Ed., he likes it better than the Wii fit.
Wii Active Life: Explorer With Mat
The link above will give you more details and show some screen shots of the game. This is also the game we played for Mother's Day that I posted about HERE.

We have also done school on our recliners, especially if we are using the t.v. in the living room for school. We have done school on my bed, we especially do school in my bedroom on Thursdays when my daughter Rachel uses the dining room table for sewing class. We also use the kitchen for science experiments and for cooking, which counts toward Home and Life Management. Christopher sometimes does school on our old couch in the basement, you can see the couch on the left in the picture above of the exercise area in the basement. The basement is his favorite spot these days, but I make sure I have his computer in my room so he actually gets his work done. We also used to do lots of field trips. Now we can't afford them. I especially miss going to the gardens we used to visit, though we didn't visit them often in the hot summer. Next spring I also plan to dig and plant a garden as part of our science unit.

Well that is our "school room." I am late getting this posted so I don't know if I will get any comments but hopefully a few friends will comment. I will now do some commenting on some blogs myself. Maybe those I comment on will grace me with a comment back.

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Sheri said...

Well I would love to comment :)
I like the workboxes-very large and accommodating. I also like the moving around part because in its very essence-that is homeschooling. We do that too-and my bed serves as a comfy place to do our read alouds and have our chats. Looks like a great set up and hope your year is splendid. :)


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