Friday, August 19, 2011

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop - School Room and Student Photos

I did not post my school room photos last week. It was a stressful week and rainy here and I just did not get it done. Unfortunately this week I have a sick son. We did school on Monday, Tuesday we did part of school and since then... no school. It's ok... hopefully though my other son and I do not get this sore throat so that we have to take more time off next week. I am not going to bother linking up to last week's School Room linky. I will just post all the photos here and link up to this week's linky for Students Photos - “Not” Back to School Blog Hop: Student Photo Week

Our workboxes and the school computer
We are still using our workboxes and they are working better than ever
thanks to the double sided tags I made

Nathan's tag                       Christopher's tag    
one side with numbers the other side shows they are DONE
easier for them and for me to see what they are done and what they still need to do

 the school computer and my purple Rubbermaid tub
on top of my tub is a small white tub with a few odds and ends in it, my pencil/accessory box and my clip on fan for when I have a hot flash!!


This is the table where we do the majority of our work
to the right you see our giant white board
it is a piece of shower board from Lowes
cost me less the little white board I bought at Staples that is about 2 foot by 1 1/2 foot.

the bookcase in the living room with the things we use more regularly
History and Science topics get rotated from upstairs depending on our topic for the year

The bookcase upstairs
mostly History and Science
I really need to organize the stuff on top of the bookcase

the drawer with our Wii stuff

This is half of our basement... the spot where we use our Wii for fitness and fun

Nathan playing Snowball Fight on the Wii Fit

Nathan is a Senior this year
I can't believe it!
My baby boy!
He is way taller than me
and sporting a mustache
and trying to grow a goatee
Nathan's favorite spot when he is not doing school
in the quiet basement
the place where he has spent most of the week due to his brother being sick

Christopher is in 9th this year
hard to believe that too
I don't have any students who are not in High School
and next year I will only have him to teach
my poor sick boy
no school this week at all except for Monday and part day on Tuesday
Christopher even took a nap on the recliners yesterday
now that shows me he is sick more than anything else
Here's hoping for healthier students and a better week...
Next week

Sorry I did not really have any photos of them doing school this week
Sick kid makes a boring photo op.
Maybe next week for my Blast From The Past I will post some of my favorite photos of the boys from last year's school.

Maybe I will work on that today so I have it all ready.

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