Thursday, August 4, 2011

How I did on my Summer Goals (Final Post)

This is the stuff I hope to accomplish during our summer break from school. Our last day of school was May 6th. We will start school back up the last week of July, most likely. I will update it periodically.  I will strikethrough the items that I finish and put a date on them so I can track how I am doing.
  • Finish Need/Want List for School May 7
  • Talk to Court about Need/Want List May 11
  • Order the stuff I need for school for 2011-2012  June 21
  • Do Portfolios progress is being made. I have started them but not finished them.
  • Log Books into Book Collector progress is being made...I logged in all the new books... I have a lot more to do however. This is a long term project. At least I made progress.
  • Work on Nathan's Transcript July 19
  • Set up Christopher's High School Notebook to get ready for entering credits for H.S. July 19
  • Plan School for next year as a whole July 28
  • Plan History for next year progress is being made though I am not done. Now the goal is to keep planning and stay ahead of where we are... difficult to do when you spend all day doing school.
  • Plan Science for next year July 15
  • Clean and Organize the whole house for Sarah and Rose's visit June 2
  • Read, Read, Read I finished a number of books on different dates
  • One on One time with each of the kids I did time with each of the kids over the summer. We are now starting over with Christopher this week.
  • Exercise no I did not do so well on exercising over the summer I have been exercising more, recently. My knee is hurting me this week, I don't know why, but I exercised anyway, last night, for 15 minutes.
  • Keep on my diet as much as possible to keep loosing weight  no I did not do so well on my diet over the summer. I am back to dieting and have lost weight the past 2 weeks.
  • Journal, Pray, Read my Bible, keep up with reading through the Bible in a year, listen to music daily I am doing well on the things that are crossed off, I am up to date. I did not do so well with the others. I did listen to music once in a while but not consistently.
  • Scrapbook nope didn't get done. I did not even finish all my preparations for school, to this was definitely not getting done.
  • Update Resource page on my blog to the resources we will use next year Aug 1 Posted my curriculum for the Not Back To School Blog Walk and copied it to my Resources for the 2011-2012 School Year so it is available all year.
So that is how I did with my summer goal list. I did pretty well. I have some things that I am still working on but they will be added to my Goal Planning Monday posts. I will not be updating the summer goal list because we have started school now, so I consider my "summer" to be over.

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Me said...

Good job Deb! great to see how much you accomplished this summer. i know it goes so fast, mine is almost over also. I hope you have been doing well, we haven't talked in a while. we should get together and go out to a late lunch or something somewhere half-way between me and you so we can catch does that sound? Miss you


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