Monday, August 15, 2011

Goal Planning Monday ~ Week 29

It is Goal Planning Monday!!
How are you doing with your goals??

School is starting up for many of us homeschoolers... or at least serious planning is going on. Now would be a great time to make some goals for the week and join us in posting them, striving to meet them, and then letting us know next week how you are doing. 

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I did not update my goals last week. I have had a really rough 2 weeks. Last week we only did 4 half days of school. I made the hard decision to quit the TOS Crew. My hubby and I prayed over this decision, I cried... a lot and we notified Heidi, the leader of the TOS Crew. I have 4 reviews that I have to do. I currently have the products for them, we are using them, I have to write up the reviews due the end of August - Mid September, and then I will be done.

The weekend was better. I am pouring myself into my family and the other things God has called me to do. Friday night we went to Longwood for a fountain show. It was a lovely night. I will post a video of some of the fountain show later this week. Sat. and Sunday we spent together as a family with Sunday being especially good. Sat. night our neighbors had a party and were outside until after midnight. It was 1am when I got to bed. Sunday I did not even wake up until just before 10am. Rachel made a lovely breakfast that I requested... Baked Oatmeal with apples, peaches and blueberries. In the afternoon I spent about 4 hours playing on the Wii with my kids, then hubby came down and we convinced him to play a game of Sorry Sliders with us on the Wii (from Family Game Night). Then I spent the evening planning this week's school.

Well now on to the goals...

My Goals from 2 weeks ago and how I did:
Spiritual Goals 
  1. Keep up with reading through the Bible in a year. Not Done. I am behind. I plan on catching up this week.
  2. Keep reading Power of a Praying Wife and praying for my husband. Not Done. I have not done this for a couple weeks. I plan to read and pray through at least 2 chapters this week... hopefully more.
  3. Finish reading Prodigal God from last year at church. I lost my copy and then found it finally but never finished the book. Partly Done. I have read some more of it but I am not done yet.
Homeschool Goals
  1. Plan school for the rest of this week. I did not get this done over the weekend.Embarrassed Smileys Done. I planned school for 2 weeks ago and it went fine. I sorta planned school last week though things changed so I had to make adaptions as we went. I planned this week's school yesterday and today is going very well so far except that the boys got a late start because they stayed up late last week and now can't get up early... again.
  2. Keep up with recording the boys school each day and making sure they do all 12 workboxes. Done. I am doing well with this. Keeping up feels good.
  3. Work on portfolios of school stuff from this past year. Done. I got 2 more section pages done for each boy. I still have a lot to do but hope to get it all done this week... or at the least next week.
  4. Continue planning History for this coming year.  Not Done. I did not work on this last week. I hope to work on it this week.
Health and Fitness Goals
  1. Exercise on the Wii at least 4 times for at least 30 min. each day. Partly Done. I worked out some two weeks ago. Last week...not so much! So back to it this week for sure.
  2. Drink water. Try for at least 48 oz a day... goal is to drink 64. Partly Done. Water, it's not a problem to drink it most days, though I haven't been really keeping track.
  3. Eat better and track my food intake. I really want to lose more weight. Not Done. I don't think the 4 layer All American Chocolate Cake from Costco is on my diet... nor is the cream puffs or eclairs from B.J.'s. Oh well, chocolate makes many things easier to bare. Hubby was trying to cheer himself up...                                                                                                                                  and me too
 Blog Goals
  1. Blog at least 3 days this week.  Done. I would like at least one post to be not a meme... that is difficult for me these days. I feel like I have little to say without prompting from a meme.
  2. Since it is the first of August I need to post my yearly update that I post on the first of each month. Done. 
  3. Since my break from school is over I need to post how I did on my "summer" goals too. Done. 
  4. Read and comment on all the posts by other Goal Planning Monday participants blogs and remember that I did it. Done two weeks ago but not last week since I didn't even post.
  5. Read and comment on a bunch of Not Back to School Blog Hop posts... some from my friends and others I don't know. (link goes to my post for Not Back to School Blog Hop) Partly Done. I commented on a few posts. I did not comment on nor do my post about my school room last week. I will be combining my schoolroom post with my post about my students.
TOS Homeschool Crew Goals
  1. Read Having a H.E.A.R.T for your Child and take some notes on paper or in a draft post for the review due in Sept. Partly Done. I have read some of the book, I am really enjoying it. I needed it... even though I did not know I needed it. I have not taken any notes yet or started the post but I will this week.
  2. Get started planning the new Bible so I will be ready when the other student book comes in today or tomorrow.  Done. I like the new Bible curriculum from Deeper Roots - Rooted and Grounded. I figured out how it works and I am linking it though we are only on the beginning of lesson 2.
  3. Play Flea Circus with my family again. Try and get my hubby and daughter Jessica to join us. Not Done. We haven't played it again yet, but we will.
Personal/Other Goals
  1. Read and enjoy doing it. Pick a new just for fun book. Done. I finished reading 2 more books in the Chapel Hill Inn series... Going to the Chapel and Hidden History. I am really enjoying this series and my local library has most of them.
  2. Have my day with Christopher this week. Not Done. I played with all the kids over the weekend but that was as a group. Christopher and I still have not spent one on one time together... that is a priority this week. The problem is he has to get his schoolwork done early enough... which is NOT happening.
  3. Get meal planning done for the rest of August. Not Done. I still have not done meal planning. Thursday is my day to cook. Last week I was doing so terribly on Thursday that I didn't cook... everyone ate whatever. I need to plan this week's dinner and then plan a few week more.
  4. Go to the mall and spend a little of my birthday money on candles from Yankee Candle before my coupon expires. I need a candle for the new glass shade I bought on my anniversary. I though my hubby had purchased a candle for me for my birthday that would fit with the shade but it doesn't.  I want one in the same scent he got me for my birthday, Honeydew Melon, and then I want to find another scent I like. Maybe one of the new ones. Done. I love my new candle scents... I did not choose Honeydew Melon... I did get one of the new ones... Vanilla Satin and then I picked a purple one.

My goals for this coming week: 
Spiritual Goals 
  1. Catch up with Reading the Bible in a Year... I am behind by a couple days. 
  2. Read Power of a Praying Wife and leave hubby a note for each chapter I read.
Homeschool Goals
  1. Work on Portfolios. I want them done this week or next at the last.
  2. Help the boys do a good job on their Movies As Literature from Bright Ideas Press. This week the boys have to do an essay on the second movie of the year... Friendly PersuasionFriendly Persuasion.
  3. If I have time I also want to work on planning History. We will be done with Mystery of History 3 this week and I need to keep ahead on the planning before I don't have any idea what to do next.
Health and Fitness Goals  
  1. Get back to exercising, 3 times this week hopefully.
  2. Drink water 3-4 of my white and pink 16oz. cups full.
  3. Finish off the treats we bought last week and then get back to eating more healthy.

Blog Goals
  1. Post Schoolroom photos or maybe do a video of our home and the boys and combine last week's Not Back-To-School Blog Hop Schoolroom with this weeks photos of students.
TOS Homeschool Crew Goals (I am not on the crew any more but have to finish up my responsibilities... 4 reviews
  1. Read Having a H.E.A.R.T for your Child and take some notes on paper or in a draft post for the review due in Sept. 
  2. Play Flea Circus with my family again. Try and get my hubby and daughter Jessica to join us.
  3. Play Civilize This... our other review item... also a game... it looks fun.
  4. Keep doing  Rooted and Grounded for Bible.
Personal/Other Goals 
  1. Read, Read, Read! I only have read 28 books out of the 100 I wanted to read this year. I need to really get reading.
  2. One on One time with Christopher.
  3. Lunch with my friend Michele on Wednesday. (not a hard goal to accomplish)
So, now to go work on my goals so I have some success to post next week.

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    Lisa said...

    Wow Debbie - you have such specific goals! I can image how hard it was to quit the Crew. What a blessing you are to your family and your desire to pour yourself into them!!!!

    Have a great week!

    Me said...

    really looking forward to seeing you on wednesday!! see you soon :-)

    Mama Manuscripts said...

    I am sad to see that you are leaving The Crew but you will be a blessing to your family with less responsibilities. I only just decided over the weekend to stay with The Crew as my husband and I had also decided that I was to leave. This will be my last year and I will got reapply next year. My family also needs me more and I've had a good run.

    I also very much struggle to post non meme related posts. It feels everything has already been said already but this was also a goal for me this week.

    I love reading your goals every week and I really missed you last week.

    Love and blessings to you, Debbie.


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