Thursday, May 30, 2013

Think Back Thursday ~ Yellow

Today's Theme  - Yellow

I was surprised to find so many yellow photos. I have even more to do this theme again some day and I didn't even look through ALL my photos. Most of the photos are flowers but I did find 2 that were not. I enjoyed this theme

Adorable daughter Jessica
back in 1990

Silly boys at the Zoo
Christopher on the left, Nathan on the right
October 2006

An now for the beautiful flowers!!!
from 2011 and 2012
all from Longwood Gardens

 lovely, bright orchid

Love the dark red center, then gray and white swirling into the bright yellow

soft and lovely

love the raindrops on these 2 tulip photos

That's it for this time.
I hope you enjoyed my Yellow Photos
Now it is your turn...

Future Themes
June 6 - Memorial Day/Patriotic
June 13 - Exercise/Phys. Ed.
June 20 - Science 
(if you don't homeschool, or if you don't want to do science, then you can do Nature)
June 27 - Vacation

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Katrina @ Mama Manuscripts said...

I did have more photos than I thought I did! I love all the flower pictures.

Kym Thorpe said...

Lots of beautiful pictures! Those Spider Mums are really neat. And what are the "tightly wound" ones - two down from the orchid? Those are pretty too!

Sarah Mueller said...

Love your photos!

Debbie said...

they are called Ranunculus. Here is a link to a page that explains them.
I have photos of white ones, yellow ones, and bright pink ones... all from the same trip to Longwood Gardens.

Kym Thorpe said...

I'll ask my dh about the ranunculus - he manages a greenhouse, so he'll be able to tell me way more than I needed to know about them! LOL


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