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Mother's Faith, a review

This book was given to me to for free to review for my friend, the author of the book, Sharon White. The links to the book are to amazon and I used my affiliate link so I get a very, very small portion of the book sales if you purchase through my link. Your price for the book remains the same. The fact that the book was given for me to review, and given by a friend, did not influence my review. My thoughts and feelings about the book are true and honest.

Mother's Faith: Essays, Lamentations, and Encouragement From a Christian Mother of Waywards is a collection of essays from a homeschooling mother of five, who has suffered through heartbreak and worry over her teenagers and young adults. Here you will find encouragement, hope, and support in your efforts at raising a godly generation in this difficult world. From "Sitting Alone at the Kitchen Table," to "How a Godly Mother May Guide an Imperfect Family" in 13 steps, you will read about real life and the source of real happiness while waiting for your children to grow in the Lord. This small book will inspire courage for the weary mother. Forget about harsh ideas when dealing with teenagers. We need mothers who will guide their children with holy love and patience.

The books has 102 pages and 22 short, but wonderful, chapters. You can sit down and read the book in a day or reach a short chapter each day as part of your devotions. I read it in a few short chunks of 5-9 chapters at a time. And... I have gone back and re-read parts as well. I Love this book.

Do you have wayward children?

We all do.

Maybe yours are not so wayward as some others. That does not matter. There is no comparing. All mothers have times of being discouraged about the slowness of the maturing process our children must go through. I know I do. Some children struggle more than others.... but they all struggle. Each child struggles with different areas as well. This little book was a great encouragement. It is not a book that tells you how to 'fix' your kids it is a book that helps you keep going. Encouraging you/me to keep following the Lord. A reminder of things I knew, but forgot, or was not practicing. My daughters are wonderful young women. Strong in their faith. My sons are still growing and finding their own way.

Here is a favorite quote.
"The trials my children are going through is God working in and through their lives to mold them and make them into his image. And yet, the fiery furnace singes me at times and I am hurt. But I must remain peaceful and trust my precious Lord that all will be well in the end.
I must retain my composure and stop letting their foolishness get to me. I must take it to God, let go of it, and then laugh and be cheerful and enjoy my Bible, prayers, and hymns. One day, these children will be mature. They will also be spiritually mature and I will finally reap that harvest I have been waiting for all these years." pg 35-36
 I must take the boys struggles to the Lord, my daughters struggles as well for though they are more mature spiritually they are not perfect. God is working in all of us. He is not through with any of us yet. I must remember how precious they are to me... even when we are in the midst of a struggle. I must remember...
"...no matter what the "seeming" heathens do, we have to live His way, even if it looks like no one else is." pg 51
I need to follow God and trust Him to lead the 'heathens' living in my home. I need to do my part to keep myself strong in Him, to work for Him, to work for my family, to follow Him. This books was a good reminder of the things I need to do. My hope is in the Lord, not in myself, but I have a part to play. I do loose my temper. I apologize. My children struggle and loose their temper and think their father and I are 'old fashioned' or don't understand them. I must keep praying for them... and keep being their mom. Here for them... creating a home they will want to live in, a home they will want to come home to. Imparting the word of God into their lives as I have opportunity to do so. Be a good example to them.

My husband has been unemployed for 3+ years and we have all had bad days. I struggle, and so does my hubby and children. But, God is good. He is working in each of us. We are all growing. I have let to many things go that I should do. We have not been eating well. I don't always cook... we just fend for ourselves. I escape into computer games and movies and Facebook. I haven't read my Bible for a couple weeks and I have felt so lost and unsure. I am sure I would have felt better if I had just gone to God instead of avoiding Him. I have let the house get a mess and not done the kitchen chores (though they are mostly caught up now).

I will give myself a little grace, but I will also try and do better in the days and weeks ahead. This book was an encouragement and a reminder, a 'kick in the pants' that I needed. I hope you will check it out and consider buying it. I want to be a Mother who one day "reaps a harvest of joy". (quote from the introduction, pg 8)

I highly recommend this book. I loved this book. It is good for all mothers, with or without wayward children. A reminder of the important things in life and how we can be an encouragement and example to our children. I love this book. Did I say that already?? I hope you will purchase a copy. I know it will encourage you as it did me.

Get the book here at Amazon - Mother's Faith: Essays, Lamentations, and Encouragement From a Christian Mother of Waywards

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