Thursday, May 9, 2013

Think Back Thursday ~ Walk/Hike

March 2002
A Hike at Lums Pond
with our friends, the Furmans

Lums Pond is a state park in our area. We had a fun day of hiking and 'exercising' on the equipment and 'hanging out' with friends.

All the kids... left to right my kids Rachel, Nathan, Jessica in the pink (looks sorta red) shirt with yellow coat around her waist with my friend's daughter Rachel, then on the other side of the limb are my friends kids Matt and Erin and my youngest Christopher trying desperately to hold on at the end.

gotta be a big pond at Lums Pond!!!

My friend Michele and I

We have enjoyed Lums Pond many times throughout the years.

Now it is your turn.
Share a hike or walk your family took....
yesterday, last week, a few years ago, or long, long ago.

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Kym Thorpe said...

Looks like some very fun times on your walk with friends!


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