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Movies... a suplement to your homeschool curriculum

Do you like movies... our family does. The boys were excited to see that we had the opportunity to review one of Zeezok's new movie guides. I allowed them to choose the movie guide they wanted to get. They narrowed down the list and then Nathan let Christopher make the final choice... he chose one of their favorite movies... one we already own...
The Adventures of Robin Hood Movie Guide. The movie is the 1938 version starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone and others. You can click on the picture of the guide to the left and then click it again to see the image larger... it will give you some more details about the guide.

This guide contains a  "How to Use This Guide" suggested schedule, "Topic Overview", "Movie Synopsis", and ten learning activities. The learning activities include: "Movie Review Questions", questions about Richard the Lion- hearted, Prince John, what it is like to be a Norman or a Saxon, questions about the feudal system, and a word search,. Evaluate your own beliefs with the “Worldview Activity,” probe the director’s mind with “The Filmmaker’s Art” activity, and get the entire family involved with the “For Family Discussion” section at the end of the guide. There is also an additional resource list for further study to help you stretch the unit out if you wish. One of the great things is there is an answer key so that you can easily check your students work, with little extra thinking for mom. You can choose the activities which best fit your areas of interest, the things you think are important or your time schedule.

The Adventures of Robin Hood DVD (1938)This comes as a CD and contains a printable pdf file of the complete study guide. It does not include the movie, that you will have to buy separately, or borrow if you don't already own it. Zeezok also sells the movie if you are interested. They sell the movie to go with each of their movie guides. Here is the link for the movie to go with the guide we received: The Adventures of Robin Hood DVD (1938).

My boys really enjoyed doing this study. We have already covered the Middle Ages and are now in the middle of the 1600's. Nathan's comment about the study was, "It was cool to do a unit based on a movie." Christopher said, "It was fun and interesting because we learned more about the characters than you can learn by watching the movie alone." It was nice to take a break from our regular schooling for a week and especially great for mom since there is virtually no teacher prep except for choosing which activities to do and printing the pages out. Since these are like mini units you can fit them into your homeschool no matter what style of homeschooling you do. It is great to add one of these into your History program because they have a movie for most every time period. Because the product is a CD with a pdf on it you can use it over and over with all the children in your family, that makes it well worth the money.

Zeezok has a lot of other movie guides. Most of them are for the High School level with a few for Middle School and Elementary School: Johnny Tremain, and My Side of the Mountain are for Middle school and Kit Kittredge is for Elementary and Middle School. The rest are all High School, for now at least, I am sure they will do more of these. Here is the link to the Zeezok Movie Guide pages

The Adventures of Robin Hood Movie Guide Price $12.99
The Adventures of Robin Hood DVD (1938) Price $12.98

Phone: (800) 749-1681
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Out of five stars both boys and I give The Adventures of Robin Hood Movie Guide:

Before you buy you may want to check out what my friends at the TOS Homeschool Crew had to say about the Zeezok Movie Guides. It is always good to get more than one opinion.

***Zeezok provided me with The Adventures of Robin Hood Movie Guide and though I received this product for free I have given an honest review of it here in this post.

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