Monday, April 4, 2011

Harried Homeschool Housewives or...


...Tackling Laundry and the Circulatory System

When we do the TOS Blog cruise we are supposed to think of catchy titles and not just use the question as the title of our post. I thought of the title Tackling Laundry and the Circulatory System because I knew I had good pictures to fit that, but I liked Rachel's title better so I did a 2 part title.

There are a few topics that the crew has discussed that I missed and wanted/still want to write about. For now I am getting this post in for tomorrow's Cruise question. The question for this week is: How do you divide household duties and needs with your homeschool schedule?

First of all I do NOT do it all. I am not a superwoman. I, like all of us, have to make choices with my time. I admit I do not always make the wisest choices, but I try. If my kids are going to be home all day with me making messes then they need to help me clean them up because I have the added work to do that homeschooling demands. I must do end of the year stuff and plan each year's school during the summer. Then during the year I must: plan each week, teach certain subjects, grade work, make sure the boys do all the work assigned to them and fill in the school log with what we actually accomplish. Then the past 2 years I added reviewing items for the TOS Crew. So, I need major help with the housework.

My kids have always helped with the housework. We have had different systems for the kids over the years. We are currently using the Managers Of Their Chores. I am so glad that over the years I have striven to train my children in doing chores. It is important for them to help out the family and it is important for them to learn how to do chores for themselves in their own homes some day. Now we are reaping the benefits... most days. I am so happy to have my children's help. I could never do all I do without them... of course I would not have to do all that I do, if I did not have children. Here is our current list of chores including cooking dinner meals.
Dates for this chore sheet  April-July 2011

Morning Chores
Jessica  Wash Table After Breakfast
Rachel  Empty and Put Away Clean Dishes from Dishwasher
Christopher  Take Out Vitamins
Mom Empty Bathroom Trash
Dad  Take Out Trash (as needed, not just morning) Take to Curb Monday and Thursday Evening and back in from Curb Tues. and Fri. 

Dinner   Cook    Helper
Sunday      Rachel        Mom
Monday    Rachel         Jessica
Tues.    Christopher      Rachel
Wed.     Jessica        Nathan
Thurs.    Mom        Christopher
Friday     Nathan          Dad
Saturday   Rachel or Family Cooking

Daily After Dinner Chores
Dad Sweep Floor
Nathan   Wash Pots
Christopher   Put Away Food and Wipe Table
Rachel  Fill and Run Dishwasher
Mom  Dry Pots
Jessica Wipe Counter and Stove

Weekly Saturday Chores
Nathan Clean Microwave
Rachel and Jessica Clean Inside of Fridge
Nathan  Clean Can Opener
Nathan and Mom  Clean Upstairs Bathroom
Christopher   Computer Screens and T.V.
Rachel   Vacuum Living Room
Mom  Clean Toaster
Dad  Dust Living Room
Dad and Christopher   Clean Laundry Room/ Downstairs Bathroom
Jessica Vacuum Stairs and Upstairs Hallway
Jessica Clean One Set of Kitchen Cabinet Doors ({1} under peninsula, {2} top left, {3} bottom left, {4} top right and over vent)

Twice a Month Chores
Rachel  Make Mixes
Christopher  Clean Door Knobs, Railings and Light Switches

Once a Month Chores
Christopher  Clean Front of Dishwasher
Christopher  Clean Front and Side of Fridge by the Sink
Rachel  Clean Top of Fridge
Rachel  Clean and Organize Dining Room Closet
Mom  Clean Cob Webs in Whole House
Mom  Clean Silverware Holder
Mom  Empty Pencil Sharpener
Dad Mop kitchen floor
Mom  Clean Ceiling Fans

Seasonal Chores

Spring Summer Fall Winter
Vacuum Curtains Defrost Small Freezer in Basement Vacuum Curtains
Windows Scrub Walls Windows
Clean Under Kitchen Sink Clean Under Kitchen Sink Clean Under Kitchen Sink Clean Under Kitchen Sink

Dust Vents
Dust Vents
Oven Oven Oven Oven
Organize Game Closet Organize Game Closet Organize Game Closet Organize Game Closet
Organize Coat Closet Organize Coat Closet Organize Coat Closet Organize Coat Closet
Organize Linen Closet Organize Linen Closet Organize Linen Closet Organize Linen Closet
    Wash Van           Wash Van          Wash Van

Check out what my crew mates think about homeschooling and housework by going to the TOS Crew Blog.

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Vickie said...

WOW! What a great list :) I do need to have the kids do more cooking. But it is one chore I really enjoy. I do have assigned helpers.

Love your title too :)

Doreen said...

I think you just made it to my hero list LOL I keep hearing about that book Managers of Their Chores and now, after reading your post, I want it even more. You inspire me!
I'm just sailing through on the Cruise and now I'm a follower.
God Bless,


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