Monday, April 18, 2011

Dream Job??? What if...

This weeks Blog Cruise question is, "If you didn't homeschool, what would you DREAM of doing?" When I was little I dreamed of having a family and being a teacher. God was good and expanded that dream so that I could do both things at the same time. Now, I can't imagine teaching other people's children and I don't really want to do that. That is a real gift and though I trained in college to be a school teacher God had other plans for that training. I would not mind teaching homeschool children a class or two but not whole classrooms of children in public or private school. I am not up for dealing with the discipline problems or the government requirements, among other things.
I only have 4 years left homeschooling my children. I have homeschooled for 20 years now so when I finish homeschooling it will have been 24 years. Many years ago God impressed on us that we were to homeschool all our children all the way through. I knew it was what God wanted me to do. I do have some plans for what I will do after I am done homeschooling but I am not sure what I would do if God called  me to stop homeschooling right now. I really do not see that happening and so it is hard to "dream". To me that would be a nightmare. I don't really have a Dream Job... except the one I am already doing. Most days I love it and want to pour into my children what I feel God wants them to learn and know, and to lead them as they grow in Him.

When I am finished homeschooling I hope to volunteer some of my time. Maybe at a local library. I found out our local libraries have a volunteer program where you deliver books to home bound residents. I would like to do that. I like people and I like books. I hope to have grandchildren, be close to them geographically and involved in their lives. I hope to help homeschool them some days and be a support to their parents as they take on the job of homeschooling them full time. I am also working on a small online business and hope to continue working on that. I will probably do more scrapbooking and reading, too. I am sure I will spend more time with my hubby as well. I will continue to be a wife, mother and hopefully someday a grandmother. Until then I will serve my family and my Lord to the best of my ability.

Tomorrow the list of other crewmates and how they answered this question will be posted... so come back tomorrow and click the button at the top or just go to the crew blog directly to see what they have to say. I am sure it will be interesting and varied.

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Annie Kate said...

I love your point of view. And I'm amazed that you've been homeschooling for 20 years already! I've done 'only' 14, but I have another 9 to go. Even so, I do occasionally think of life after homeschooling.

Each season has its own beauty, and I'm so thankful to be able to homeschool right now, just as you are.

Thank you for following me!

Annie Kate

Doreen said...

Wow! 20 years of homeschooling. You inspire me! I would say you have been living a dream and it will be exciting to see what the Lord has in store for you when your children have all been schooled and He uses you for other wonderful adventures.
God bless,

Vickie said...

We've been homeschooling 9 years and still have at least 13 more to go. So dreaming of what I will do after homeschooling is still too far away. The world will be soooo different come then that I'm sure whatever I dream will change again and again. I'm sure, it'll have something to do with kids still as kids have been the focus of my life outside the Lord and my wonderful husband. Oh...and homeschooling is awesome.

Kelly said...

Only 4 years to go! WOW! I have at least 20 (my youngest is just 2) not to mention if we end up having any more, which I would love. But you are right, this is a DREAM job and I'm thankful that God has allowed us all to attain our dreams.


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