Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blast From the Past - Debbie 1971

Blast From the Past Blog Button - mom

You will find the rules for participating, and a cute photo of me, by clicking this link

Blast From The Past

and don't forget to come back here!!!
I suggest opening the above link in a new tab to make it easier.

This weeks blast is brought to you by...
Purple Knit Giraffe Fabric, Inc.


Free Smileys


I came up with that one myself!
could you tell??

and now for the picture

Oh, you must click on the picture and see it bigger.
It is too good to miss the details!

Make sure you noticed my stylish glasses
and don't you love those bright purple tights!!!

What could have made me wear this outfit...
it was the 70's
nuf' said

but also my Aunt Ruby worked for a Stretch and Sew Fabric store
that only sold 100% polyester material...


I loved, and still do love,

though now I would not wear that much purple!!!
or giraffes on my dress!
or that short of a dress for that matter!
or 100% polyester!


So I hope you enjoyed that look back and I hope you will participate.
I used to use Mr. Linky for you all to link up you posts but he is having troubles with his site and I don't have a paid account, yet, though I want one.

So for now instead of Mr. Linky just leave a comment with your name and post's link.

If you do not want to do a post of your own you are still welcome to comment on my lovely purple outfit and glasses!

But come on and join the fun!
Don't you have embarrassing photos of yourself when you were young,
or embarrassing photos of the kids,
or cute ones!

Come on and share!

Have a blessed week!


Rachel said...

Ha Ha! Funny mom! I guess Jessica got her love of giraffes from you! *wink* LOL! =:D I am sooooooooo glad we don't have to where knit polyester anymore! Woohooo! =;) I love my cotton's! =:D

Love ya!

Annette said...

Yes, cottons are lovely! That is a great picture to share!


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