Monday, June 1, 2009

Christopher's Summer Reading List - age 12

and mine by the way, (and Nathan's but he is putting his on his own blog so look for that on his blog if you want: Nathan's Blog).

I put these on for our Summer Reading Splash friends to read, and my other blog readers too. If you are interested in joining us at the Summer Reading Splash click the button below.

These are Middle Ages Historical Fiction that we did not get finished from this past year's school (with two additions of Henty's that belong to Christopher (he got them for Christmas from his grandmother and he hasn't read them yet so they are on his list to read) and another set that Nathan won last fall:

The Middle Ages Historical Fiction books:

Ink on His Fingers Louise A. Vernon

Beric The Briton G. A. Henty

Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades G. A. Henty

Big John's Secret Eleanore M. Jewett (Bethlehem Books: Living History Library)

The Lost Baron Allen French (Bethlehem Books: Adventure Library)

In Freedom's Cause G. A. Henty

Adam of the Road Elizabeth Janet Gray

Beggar’s Bible Louise A. Vernon

Morning Star of the Reformation Andy Thomson; edited by Mark Sidwell Thomson

The Lion of St. Mark G. A. Henty

A March On London: Being A Story Of Wat Tyler's Insurrection Paperback at Amazon Hardcover from Amazon G. A. Henty

Both Sides of the Border G. A. Henty

At Agincourt: A Tale of the White Hoods of Paris G A Henty

The Fall of Constantinople by Bernardine Kielty (a Landmark Book)

Christopher's additions:

St. George for England G. A. Henty

Wulf the Saxon G. A. Henty

The Complete Set of the Terrestria Chronicles
(I will not list them seperately here you can see and buy them all at the link above just click on the name of the set)

that's our list, good luck to us getting it done,


Annette said...

I'm a bookworm, when allowed, but that is one seriously long book list! Good luck!

Sheri said...

Congratulations dear Mate! I am so excited for you! I have been waiting for you to email me! A little birdie told me you were on the roster. I am sooooo excited and I did request you as my understudy. I believe that request is a yes. Whoop it up girl! Soon you will get access to the TOS board and there you will meet the other 26 gals (and alternates) from the first voyage (our names have a FM for First Mate or 1 in front of it for alternates) and I am just pleased as punch that you are on the crew sistah! You will love the goodies, learn a lot about yourself and skills, learn to balance a lot (and trust me, even if you are good at it-this will offer more chances to stretch yourself) and have me, little ole me to boss you around (ok, maybe not boss, but I have to tease ya a bit)! Be sure to post you made the crew-tell the world, you should be proud (plus it gives em a heads up that you'll be reviewing stuff real soon-like the first stuff gets mailed in July-so that means August review dates). Blessings and congrats again hon!


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