Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Extra!! Extra!! Read All About It!!

I am so excited to announce that I am going to be part of The Old Schoolhouse (TOS) Review Crew this coming year. Free Smileys

That means I will be getting curriculum and other things from companies that advertise in the TOS magazine (free, that we get to keep) and then we will use them in our school and then I will review them here on my blog. Just like I did with the four that I did in April, see my archives if you did not read them and want to.

I am soooo excited!! Free Smileys

I wanted to do the review crew last year, it's first year, but my husband thought it would be to much work. I am so glad he is allowing me to do it this year. Thanks Hubbie. Free Smileys

The reviews will begin in August or September, I guess, so watch for them,


Annette said...

That's great! And free curriculum and books...what could be better?

It will take a lot of work to review them, but from what I know of you, you love to share what works for you. It will be great to see what you like and dislike/could be improved about each thing...even if I'm not homeschooling. :)

I'll miss you on Friday. Evan is going to the doctor.

Rachel said...

Yeah Mom! Yippee! I am so happy you got in! =:D

Love and Hugs!

Sheri said...

Welcome aboard matey. Congrats and look forward to working with ya!


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