Monday, June 1, 2009

My Summer Reading List

My summer reading list must begin with most, if not all, of the books in the Middle Ages section of the post I did for Christopher's Summer Reading List - age 12 (click the link to see that list).

This list, like the one above, is for our Summer Reading Splash which is for readers of all ages... mostly the kids... but they are giving prizes to one mom who posts their summer reading list and then adds her post to the Mr. Linky at the site.

The reading program is for all kids and we would love to have you join us. It is free and they are having scavenger hunts and giveaways and it should be lots of fun so check it out here after you read my post. Oh and the link is also on my sidebar.

The list of Middle Ages books is a long enough list but I would like to add to that:

I am currently finishing Hidden Treasure of Glaston

I also started The Stones Cry Out by Sibella Giorello and I would like to finish that.

I want to start reading the Original Charlotte Mason Home Schooling Series. I will be starting with book 1, Home Education. I do not know if I will get that done but I have a goal to read them all, hopefully to be done with them by the end of next summer.

I also wanted to read The Complete Set of the Terrestria Chronicles. I am not sure if I will get that done either.

Also on my want to read list is the Crown and Covenant series (those I would borrow from the Library).

I also wanted to try out The 39 Clues series to see if it would be ok for my boys to read, so I have that on my list of things I want to read. Here is the "official" scholastic book site here is a link to book 1 The Maze of Bones on From that Amazon link you can find the other books and the scholastic sites said the 4th book is going to be released tomorrow. That too I will be borrowing from the Library.

Sooo that is my incomplete list... I am sure I am leaving out some good books I want to read but if I get all that done and the other things on my looooong list of summer things I have to do it will be a wondrous miracle... there are only so many hours in a day and I have to keep blogging too.

So... what is on your reading list. Join us.


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